Almost at the lights out of 2022 the Ride out of a hat, via Wichita (home to the likes of Cloud Nothings e Cheatahs), a treat for their longtime fans and at the same time a way to bring out and introduce new addicts in and around shoegaze to their beginnings.

4 EPsas the name explains, is an album that compiles four of the Oxford band’s many EPs, but not any of them, but the first ones, released in 1990 and 1991 between the albums Nowhere e Going blank again (leaving out, unfortunately, Vapour trail e Leave them all behind).

The collection brings in full Ride (1990), Play (1990), Fall (1990) e Today forever (1991) and its 16 songs not released on official albums, with Andy Bell, Mark Gardener and co. at the height of his youth mixing like no one else the distortions and noises of the original gazer era with the psychedelic breeze and his jangly heritage.

An incredible opportunity to discover or reminisce about cool but little-known songs like “Furthest sense” and “Perfect time” – both from the EP Play – or like in my case shaking to “Chelsea girl” and “Taste”.

Whoever buys the CD (for an average of 70 lulindos plus shipping) also gets a 20-page booklet with archival photos of the band. For those who are still waiting for the moment when the humiliated will be exalted and don’t have that money, just turn up the volume, press play below and be (very) happy.

‘Take me for a ride away from the places we have known
If I stay around I’ll just remember I’m alone
There’s someone in my memory making me move on
What was gray and hazy, it is black and white now I have gone…’


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