Shudder will launch shortly fifth season of the horror anthology series, Slashersubtitled Slasher: Ripperwhich continues to prepare the audience for its premiere on the small screen with the release of the first official trailer.

The season 5 premiere will debut first two episodes on April 6, 2023 on Shudder and AMC+:

  • The streamer specializing in the horror genre acquired the broadcast rights to the series in November 2020.

You can find the trailer at the end of the note.

The series is an original production of the American chain Chiller, where only its first season was broadcast in 2016. For the second and third seasons, the transmission was carried out by Netflix, a streamer who later sold the rights to Shudder.

  • The first season is titled Slasher: The Executioner; the second is titled Slasher: Guilty Party; the third is Slasher: Solstice; and the fourth Slasher: Flesh & Blood.

The plot “goes back in time to the late 19th century and stars Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) as Basil Garvey, a charismatic tycoon whose success is matched only by his ruthlessness, as he oversees a city on the cusp of a new century and a social upheaval that will see its streets run red with blood.”

“There is a murderer lurking in the streets, but instead of targeting the poor and downtrodden like Jack the Ripper, The Widow is dispensing justice against the rich and powerful. The only person standing in the way of this killer is newly promoted detective Kenneth Rijkers, whose steadfast belief in justice may end up making him another victim of The Widow.”

The anthology format story allows telling horror stories by offering answers at the end of each season. This means that they are autonomous stories; the narrative of the first season is not related to that of the second season, and so on.

The latest season is produced by Shaftesbury Films, with Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Thomas P. Vitale, Aaron Martin, Ian Carpenter and Adam MacDonald serving as executive producers.

Martin is the creator of Slasher, and was also the showrunner for the first two seasons. Macdonald (Backcountry, Pyewacket) took the directing reins for the third season, Slasher: Solstice.

Trailer and official poster:


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