Chris Evans, Anya Taylor-Joy, Salma Hayek y Brendan Fraser They have just become the first signings for the action and adventure project, Sacrificeby the director and co-writer Romain Gavras (Athena).

Gavras y Will Arbery (Succession) co-wrote the script for the film that Deadline describes as having “fuel and propulsion” similar to that of Athenacloser to satire.

The signing of other actors is expected in the coming days.

CAA Media Finance and Rocket Science will be in charge of bringing the project to the Cannes market this May.

Sacrifice will mark Gavras' debut as a screenwriter and director of an English-language feature film.

In Sacrifice:

“A high-profile charity gala is assaulted by a violent group of radicals on a mystical quest to fulfill a prophecy.”

Taylor-Joy will play the passionate antagonist, and Evans will play the movie star she has chosen to die, along with the other two.

Evans' most recent film projects include Ghosted y Pain Hustlers. It has in post-production Red Oneand is filming Honey Dont! By Ethan Coen. Fraser comes from being part of Killers of the Flower Moonand before winning the Oscar for The Whale; Hayek for her part, starred Magic Mike’s Last Dance and an episode of the anthology Black Mirror in 2023. In addition to having filmed the war drama Without Blood directed by Angelina Jolie, which is currently in post-production.

Iconoclast and Robert Walak will produce alongside Gravas. Taylor-Joy and Evans also produce, with Arbery serving as executive producer.

Romain Gavras.

Having grown up in the eye of fame, as the son of filmmaker Costa Gravas (Z, Missing), and the film producer and journalist, Michele Ray-Gravas, Romain Gravas came up with the plot whose starting point was the desire to see that balloon of fame punctured:

“It came from a very simple idea, which is that every time you go to those events, whether it's Cannes, whether it's a charity event and where you have all these people, my mischievous side, and I think the audience too. When they see those events, they want something to go terribly wrong. When you see dazzling people and all the glitter and everything, you want that moment to be twisted, right?

“I myself grew up on Greek mythology. Instead of being fed new movies as a child, my parents told me these Greek stories, about a mother eating her children and about sacrifices to volcanoes. Those things made me They fueled and led me to the idea of ​​having a group of children who have a very specific agenda that comes from a very mythological belief system. There is a penchant for satire and Will. [Arbery] It is surprising because of the sharpness of the characters' tone and their humanity. “I am very excited about our cast.”


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