SadSvit “Sky” – if I am not mistaken, I have never presented music from the Ukraine here. It was only thanks to YouTube’s algorithm that I became aware of SadSvit, Ivano Frankivsk’s project. His PostPunk songs pretty much hit the mark for me, so I definitely want to recommend them to you. (Note: it is sad and tragic that it took Russia’s war of aggression and the terrible devastation in Ukraine to draw attention to SadSvit. That there are also people in this country who understand or even sympathize with Putin and his fascist behavior is incomprehensible to me. Sorry for the political insinuation, but I just had to point that out in view of the topic.)

Concrete Coast «9000 Tears» – and then we’ll stick to the dark sounds and switch over to our neighbors in the Netherlands, where the band with the beautiful name Betonkust will soon be releasing their debut album. The sound has something of darkened goth-dreampop.


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