In September of this year, Lionsgate released in theaters SAW Xthe tenth installment of the slasher horror franchise, SAWwhich was very well received by specialized critics and fans of the saga, something that was translated commercially with a box office of more than $100 million dollars worldwide.

The studio does not want to miss the opportunity to continue the success, so it has just announced that it has officially given green light for an upcoming sequel, SAW IXin addition to confirming that its theatrical release date was set for September 27, 2024.

The news was announced on the saga's official websites and social networks, accompanied by an image with the release date and the slogan “The Game Continues.”

At the moment it has not been revealed if Tobin Bell o Shawnee Smith They would reprise their roles, although we believe that is almost a fact. Just as who will be the director of the eleventh film, will he probably return? Kevin Greutert, director of the predecessor? What is known is that the scriptwriters Josh Stolberg y Pete Goldfingerwho wrote Jigsaw, Spiral: From the Book of Sawy Saw Xthey will not return to script the next installment.

The above was confirmed by Stolberg himself on his Twitter, where he shared with his followers:

“Pete [Goldfinger] and I will not participate in this chapter. Very excited to see this one [filme] as a fan of the franchise. I think people will be satisfied with the team.”

Later, he shared another tweet:

“THANK YOU to everyone who wrote kind words about Saw To make yourself feel better, remember what you said when Jigsaw came out! HAHAHA. Honestly, SO excited to sit down and watch this new one as a fan! #SawForever 😍😍😍.”


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