Se Robin Guthrie, Kevin Shields and Alex Ayuli swallowed some gum, went to a rave and then, still at shoom, got together in the studio to write some songs, maybe – just maybe – the result would be closer to More like spacethe first EP by London quartet Seefeel, released just a year after they formed.

The band emerged in the wake of the shoegaze/dream pop tsunami and quickly caught the attention of Too Pure, which released the group’s debut album and saw them: A) give new contours to Shields’ experiments with pedals and blurred dreams of Guthrie and B) fly away from the self-celebrating scene, approaching the fried Warp people and surroundings.

One day I’ll come back here maybe to talk about Seefeel’s first full album, which came out after More like space, or perhaps to comment on the aforementioned oblique path they followed in relation to the other gazers of the time. For today I just suggest that you get into the absurd trance that this EP is, an almost infinite loop of distortion/noise mixed with electronic beats and dub, something like a clash between “Soon”anything from A.R. Kane and the hazy moments do Chapterhouse em Blood Music.

Discover or rediscover. But listen on the stalk!

27 dez 2022 em alternative, crossover, dream pop, electronic, experimental, indie, rock, shoegaze. Tags:1993, seefeel


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