The ZiMMT is once again hosting an exciting festival in its own halls – the sens. It creates the connection between sound and smells.

Sound, smell and club? That's not always the most pleasant combination. Smoke, spilled drinks and sweat are more likely to reach the olfactory cells. The connection between sound, images and scent is an extremely exciting combination.

With sens, the Center for Immersive Media Art, Music and Technology is dedicating its own festival to this multisensory experience from December 11th to 20th, 2023. With various 3D audio concerts, a fragrant exhibition and performances by internationally renowned artists. Included are:

Klara Ravat • Antoine Bertin • Wolfgang Georgsdorf • Grace Boyle • Juliane Kowalke • Thomas Hummel • Cleo Dölling • Giulia Francavilla • Hanno Leichtmann & Valerio Tricoli • Louise Rossiter • Michael Akstaller • Moritz Simon Geist • Marie L. Möller • Wiete Sommer with Cryptoheroes • Victor Mazón Gardoqui

In addition, sens offers some deep dives into the topic with workshops, talks and lectures and creates a space for exchange about cross-media approaches that work with sound and smells. Why is this so exciting? The ZiMMT explains it like this:

“The sense of smell is particularly closely linked to our feelings and memories. Unlike seeing and hearing, olfactory stimuli reach the cerebral cortex unfiltered, where conscious perception arises and emotions or memory are triggered.”

You can find the entire program on the ZiMMT website – tickets in the form of day membership cards for the ZiMMT club are available directly on the respective evening.


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