If you cook parts of the funky, left-wing post-punk of people like Mekons and Delta 5 alongside large chunks of the shaking new wave of B-52's and Orange Juiceseason with generous pinches of the seminal ESG and then strain, the resulting broth will be something like The official bodythird album by the Shopping trio.

The band, formed in London and later split between Glasgow and Los Angeles, was part of the London alternative/DIY/politicized scene that gravitated around Power Lunchesuntil the place closed in 2015. It was precisely at this time that Shopping's drummer, Andrew Milk, moved to Glasgow and the collaborative creation process alongside bassist Billy Easter and the (sensational) guitarist and vocalist Rachel Aggs was reconfigured .

In 2017, two thirds of the group traveled to Scotland and were joined by Milk and Edwyn Collins (yes, that one Edwyn Collins from “A girl like you” and, of course, from the aforementioned Orange Juice) in his studio and there they composed and recorded the ten songs present in “The official body”, which I already talked about in the first paragraph and therefore does not need for further explanations about hahaha.

Press play, turn up the volume (a lot) and pay attention – among other things – to Rachel's angular guitar, full of Afro beat influence. Then run to listen to the trio's other albums, including the latest one from 2020. But as a starter, now help yourself to this delicious delicacy.

Enjoy your food!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2024/01/10/shopping-the-official-body-2017/

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