This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the cult classic, Shaun of the Deadco-written by Simon Pegg and the director Edgar Wright.

The horror comedy that is part of the popular Trilogy Croissant (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End) by Pegg and Wright, revolves around Shaun (Simon Pegg) who is not having a particularly good day, so he decides to turn things around and win back his ex. Unfortunately, he chooses the moment when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Shaun takes it as an opportunity to show everyone how useful he can be and save them. All he has to do is survive and win back his ex.

In an interview with THR, Pegg reflects on the fun zombie project known as The despair of the dead In our country:

“Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. Last year, when I realized it had been 20 years since we were filming it, it was kind of strange. Because it’s been in our lives all the time, it’s never really gone away. The best you can hope for as an artist (if you’re creating art to entertain) is that it remains relevant in people’s consciousness.”

On the Cornetto Trilogy's huge fandom, Pegg commented:

“It’s really good. We put our heart and soul into it. I think we did it for the right reasons and with the right intentions. We didn’t want a shortcut to anything. We wanted to do the best with all the Cornetto films. We wanted to make the best films possible. And that goes back to [la comedia de situación del Canal 4] Spaced. We always wanted to make a show that connected with people on a pretty deep level. And it looks like we might have achieved that, which is good.”

On how extraordinarily well the British comedy translated to American audiences, with all its very British elements, Pegg explained:

“It was a vindication of our intentions, which was to make a film that was exactly that: very, very British. We didn’t make any concessions to a kind of transatlanticism. A lot of British romantic comedies would do that.”

“But we didn’t want to do that. We wanted to make a film that was culturally specific. We made a compromise. … We didn’t even think it would be released in the US. To be honest, we didn’t know it would be released in the UK.”

The concession Pegg is referring to is the first scene where a zombie is seen. punch line It was a word that meant one thing in the UK and another thing in the US, so Pegg and Wright changed it to have the same effect on American audiences.

On the possibility of making a sequel Shaun of the Dead:

“I mean, Universal [Pictures] is proprietary. If they choose to reboot it, I guess they can do so if they want. Although Edgar and I would be outraged. (Laughs.)

“Shaun of the Dead is incredibly personal. There are so many of us in that movie. The whole joke about Ed and Shaun never being able to leave The Winchesters was real. It was about Nick and I, our decision to stay in a pub in North London. Edgar was always in town. He was always in Soho and he always wanted us to come into town and hang out at The Groucho. [un club privado de Londres]and we never did. We always wanted to be in The Shepherds. My girlfriend, now my wife, was the same way. She said, “Are we going to go to The Shepherds again?” That inspired that whole story.”

“The whole thing with Shaun’s mother, the stepfather, I had a troubled relationship with my stepfather. It was Edgar’s idea to kill the mother. I couldn’t believe it when he said that, but it was the best decision. There's a lot of our heart and soul in that movie. If someone were to reboot it, it would be a cynical and exploitative exercise. I hope people are in love enough with our Shaun to resist a reboot..”

Gary King [el personaje de Pegg en The World’s End] It also had a lot to do with my own alcoholism. A really personal film.. And the idea that someone just takes the title… I was always bothered by the remake of Dawn of the Dead Zack Snyder: It's a great movie. It's really exciting. But I hated the fact that they called it The dawn of the Deadbecause it was George's movie [Romero]They could have called her Deadishwhich was a great line in the movie that one of the actors used, and it still would have been a great movie, But when you just take a title because people recognize it, it's very disrespectful to the original..”

I do not think [que vaya haber una secuela]. I'm a big fan of sequels. Some of my favorite movies are sequels: Empire Strikes Back, Aliens. I'm in a couple of movie franchises that get rehashed and rebooted, And I'm not discrediting sequels in any way, but I do think that some stories end. Some stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If you saw Shaun again, if the zombies came back, there just wouldn't be a story to tell.. We would have to restore everything we created in Shaun of the Deadthe journey that Shaun goes on and completes. He becomes a new person, but then we would have to dismantle that to give him a new arc. Why? The best thing we can do with cinema is to challenge people and make them see things they haven't seen before and experience new things. Entertainment is the most overrated function of art.”


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