Let’s continue with our spot-on series: This time the spotlight is on a DJ who has appeared more and more frequently in Leipzig’s club line-ups in recent months and who gives good impulses away from the neo-trance hype – Nici Palm . Of course she also recorded a mix for us.

Sometimes things happen pretty quickly: Nici Palm has left her mark as a DJ in Leipzig’s most important clubs in a very short time. Her pop, wavy, driving sound just seems to hit a nerve – and she is well connected in the scene. Two good starting points that will surely attract even more attention in the future. What appeals to her musically and how she assesses the current Leipzig scene, she tells us in a spot-on interview.

Alongside reading, we recommend her exclusive mix she recorded for our spot-on series:


Happy: Who are you, how long have you been living in Leipzig and how did you get into DJing?

Nici Palm: I’m Nici and I moved to Leipzig in my 20s. As a teenager, hip-hop had a strong influence on me musically. Later it was electro beats and breakdance. And since the late 1990s, techno has fascinated me. I was already DJing back then, but then I took a break from DJing for a few years because of my children. However, it was only a matter of time before I started doing it again. I have been dedicating myself to this passion again for a good two years now – and deeply.

What is your favorite thing to do?

Starting with minimal techno, I now feel at home with creaky synth wave sounds, post-acid tunes, indie dance and energizing dark techno. My feel-good tempo is 118 to 125 BPM – depending on the playtime.

Are there certain times when you like to hang out?

I actually really like playing the beginning. Getting people onto the dance floor and not letting them go – that just feels wonderful. Of course, primetime also has its very own charm. I prefer to play for three hours or more.

Where would you like to play again?

In Leipzig, I definitely like the IfZ. I would love to play there again. Otherwise, of course, also in the Tille, before it finally has to close.

Do you also have your own tracks planned?

Yes, they are planned. My goal is to release an EP before the end of this year. The ideas are concrete and the implementation is in the starting blocks. My older daughter provides the vocals for it. There is also a deadline: the record has to be out before it goes to Argentina!

And your own tracks will also go in the direction of your DJ sets?

Yes, I would also sort my own tracks like that. Maybe with a darker note towards dark disco.

What is your view of the Leipzig club scene? What’s annoying, what’s annoying?

That’s really a good question, because there’s really something wrong here in Leipzig. Because at least with my understanding and view of the scene, I feel the booking in Leipzig is very provincial at the moment. I’m currently missing the ability to look outside the box at really good musicians, newcomers and DJs. Or just the courage to dare something and introduce the people of Leipzig to something new.

The whole indie dance area gets a bit too short here. Every club stews in its own booking juice. The main thing is that your own network is fed and strengthened. Pure nepotism I’m just saying. I think that’s a great pity. DJs and acts that are already well booked have often asked me, and have been asking lately, if I can get them something in Leipzig. I’m really surprised that it’s always the same people who play in the clubs and that there is no exclusivity policy among the clubs here either.

I decided for myself and my bookings to push it outside of Leipzig and to be less annoyed about the booking situation here on site. But I still want to be and remain open to the process that may occur. My support is definitely assured.

Which artist bookings would you like to see specifically in Leipzig?

I currently find many artists from Tel Aviv, Italy and also Eastern Europe very exciting. Check out Nivast, Red Axes, Modular Project, Local Suicide, Roe Deers, Curses, Alvaro Cabana, Cornlius Doctor, DC Salas, Bawrut, Tushen Raï and Captain Mustache.

Image Credits: Julia Zoooi

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