It is very close to see the last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things. You are ready?

Beware of the spoilers guys, if you haven’t seen the first part, or the first three seasons of Stranger Things I advise against going ahead, because there will be inevitable spoilers.

The first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things arrived on Netflix on May 27, three years after the previous chapter, resuming, in narrative times, exactly nine months after the events that occurred.

A product capable of disrupting the world of series as we know them, with influences from the great classics of thriller and horror, has finally arrived on our screens, shocking us more than ever.

Compared to previous seasons we have ahead 7 episodes, lasting about 1 hour and 40 each, much darker and gloomy, under the banner of the only and true horror. We know well that in Stranger Things the color scheme is fundamental, just look at the colors they distinguish Max in the two previous chapters, characterized by red, orange and all that is sunny, and compare them with those characteristic of this last part, to understand that the colors in this series reflect the soul of the characters and tell their story .

Stranger Things 4 parte 1: trama

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) went to live with Will (Noah Schnapp) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) in California, the rest of the group remained in Hawkins. What was a solid and compact group always ready to give their lives to save the other seems to be disintegrating slowly. It causes? Teenage Problems. Yes, our little ones have grown up and now they have to face one of the biggest challenges a person can experience, adolescence and the traumas that follow. We know well that in Stranger Things however, the problems are quite different and surely it will not be some school bully to scare our favorite nerds. Eternalin fact, born from the inspiration of iconic figures such as Freddie Kruegher, Pennywise and the Night Kingthreatens the newly found peace of the town by taking over the minds of traumatized children, but in a very different way from Mind Flayer. Eternal it has a human dimension, much more formidable than the monsters seen previously in the series, which takes possession of the boys and kills them in a short time, in full exorcist style.

The plot is divided into three narrative strands, one for Eleven and Will, to which Mike is added, one for Hopper and “Enzo“, One of the most successful characters of the series, and one for the group remained in Hawkins, perhaps the most compelling thanks to our Nancy, in the wake of Nancy Drew struggling with his inevitable and unspeakable awareness, and to all the others who always manage to get a laugh even in the least opportune moments (remember the “Watergate” case used by Dustin to define the underwater portal, brilliant!)

A risky but successful choice is the division of the plot, which will culminate with the alignment of all three storylines and the meeting of all the characters.

Stranger Things 4 and Nightmare from the depths of the night

As for the others, absolutely nothing can be said about this fourth season. A perfect series from every point of view, which always pays attention to the smallest detail (while forgetting poor Will’s birthday) thanks to detailed shots and the photographic direction of Lachlan MilneEmmy nominee for Best Single Camera Photography.

What in Stranger Things there are many references to great films, it is clear, also because they are the same Duffer Brothers, creators of the series, explained that their purpose is to pay homage to the classics of the 80s. And they did! Asking a Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) to be inspired by E.T l’extraterreste to get into the character and above all in the relationship with Mike, giving Max the hoverboard of “Back to the future 2”, (Saga, however, highly cited in the series), and putting here and there continuous citations to films like Stand By me.

Actually look Stranger Things it’s like participating in a long treasure hunt, looking for hidden references thanks to the many medium-field shots that reveal every detail to the most attentive eye.

Never in the series has horror been so protagonist. True fans of the genre can also witness a fantastic “Cross Over”, thanks to Eddie Munsen (Joseph Quinn) when he compares the feared Victor Creel a Michael Mayersprotagonist of the successful saga “Halloween“. Except that the actor who plays Victor Creel is Robert Englund (interpreter of Nightmare), the quote would also have taken a back seat. “Nigthmare, from the depths of the night “ inspires much of the fourth season as well as the character of Eternal, the result of a long-lasting make-up Barrie Goweras well as the creator of the “King of the Night” from Game of Thronesable to enter the minds of the victims through their trauma and their “nightmares”,

Stranger Things 4: What to Expect from Part 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

After seven very long, but beautiful, episodes, in particular the fourth one capable of making a song from 40 years ago return to the top of the charts, only two remain. What should we expect?

In the last few minutes we see Nancy enter Vecna’s uncomfortable arms, immediately plunging into the first season and the girl’s suppressed trauma (nothing is ever left to chance in Stranger Things). Will Nancy be able to escape? Will music therapy, the great protagonist of the fourth season, be able to save Nancy? We know how deep her pain is and how much deeper she buried it, making it almost impossible to eradicate and therefore easy prey for Eternal.

Also, from the videos made at Eleven during the day at skating, we understand who we are in March 1986, exactly one month before the disaster of Chernobyl. This is where many theories creep in, many of which are not exactly absurd, especially since in the storyline by Hopper we are in the eastern part of Europe. Disaster will either destroy the upside down, or open a definitive portal that will allow Mind Flayer, Democrats and Demogorgons to invade the earth?

Because Karen, mother of Mike and Nancy, appears in the posters of the second part? A character that has always been secondary, in these two episodes she will become fundamental. She is almost certainly a bond with the same Eternal, which would explain why Nancy was privileged to see her past.

We just have to wait for tomorrow to see our boys again, understand if and when they will meet, and hope that everything goes right, or for the world, right.


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