Teichmann + Soehne – a project name that sounds very much like a family business. And indeed
Behind it are a father and his two sons – all three musicians who are valued in their fields. Their joint debut album has now been released on the Leipzig label Altin Village & Mine.

On the one hand, the jazz musician Uli Teichmann is behind Teichmann + Soehne. He has been playing the saxophone, mandolin, clarinet, percussion, flute and glockenspiel for several decades. And his two sons Hannes and Andi have in the past released some playful, organic minimal and house records as the Teichmann brothers on labels such as Disko B and Kompakt. They are also behind the Disks label and have always been open to exciting collaborations with other musicians. So coming from these two worlds you meet in the middle?

The Leipzig label Altin Village & Mine has recently made a bit of a musical change, or one could also say, “persistently expanded the repertoire”. Whether local or international, are boundaries blurring or were there ever any? Whether Krautrock, avant pop or neo-classical/ambient, whatever you like is published and Altin Village, which I used to put in the postpunk/indie corner, has become a very modern and almost avant-garde label. With a label history spanning over 20 years – we reported on it in detail last year.

The Teichmann family’s album “Flows” has a very interesting genesis.
At first, the sons wanted to distance themselves from their father’s jazz background. With
founding a punk band many years ago and later producing electronic ones
They focused on simplicity rather than playful solos in dance music. A musical first contact
It wasn’t until 2012 when the three of them were booked for a joint improvisation concert because the organizer found it unbelievable that the musicians had never been on stage together at that point.

What was a playful and rather relaxed preparation for this event quickly became serious. The first concert was followed by many more. The source material for “Flows” comes from countless rehearsal sessions for their joint concerts. The recordings were rarely supplemented with overdubs, but were further processed afterwards in joint work.

The result can certainly be understood as the best of both worlds. A hybrid from
Electronica and Jazz. An approach, a process or to stick with the title of the album
a “flow”. Sometimes an organic element is more in the foreground, sometimes a beat dominates
a rhythmic structure. Techniques such as live sampling create new layers that…
Improvisation can flow.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/41578/teichmann-soehne-flows-altin-village-mine

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