Tempers «Nightwalking» – I don’t even know if I’ve had this duo from New York in my blog before – they’ve been making music for a number of years and always delight me with their 80’s-esque wave and electro sound. The new single, the harbinger of the forthcoming long player “New Meaning” is a very nice example of this. Music for the dark days and the dark hours, but actually also something for the (gothier) dancefloor.

Beachy Head «Destroy Us» – yikes, how could that happen to me? In 2021, the debut of the new project of the men around Monster Movie (Ex-Slowdive) completely slipped through my mind. But now I’ll make up for it quickly. If you like atmospheric shoegaze, you should definitely check out the album.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2022/01/tempers-beachy-head.html

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