After a couple of years of great uncertainty in the world of traditional film exhibition, due to the massive closure of cinemas around the world, the box office seems to be stabilizing, at least so far in the year 2022.

While initially it was mainly high-profile productions that saved the box office, in recent months we’ve seen audiences turn to lower-profile – but star-power – productions and sequels to established franchises as well.

In this post we bring you the 5 highest grossing movies of the first quarter of 2022 (including figures recorded from January 1 to May 1, and figures from the domestic box office –United States– without adding the accumulated international box office).

                  1. THE BATMAN


Critical and commercial success has brought a smile to the feature film by Matt Reeves and Warner Bros., starring Robert Pattinson. Some of his achievements:

              1. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2


The production of Paramount Pictures It is also having a great step on the billboard in the United States. With the return of the hedgehog to the big screen marking new record as the video game adaptation with the best domestic box office opening.

What movie had the previous record?, the predecessor, Sonic the Hedgehog which in February 2020 collected $58 million in its first three days of theatrical release.

                  1. UNCHARTED


The film adaptation of Unchartedcon Tom Holland like Nathan Drake, it wasn’t exactly what Sony Pictures expected for a video game franchise as popular as this one. However, falling short of its expectations, it managed to pull through with a decent box office.

The feature film, titled in our country Uncharted: Off the MapIt was conceived as a prequel to the timeline known in video gameswhich follows Holland’s Nathan Drake on his way to becoming the notorious treasure hunter, alongside Sully.

                  1. THE LOST CITY


Another Paramount Pictures production –and not the last one– is positioned in the top 5. The action rom-com The Lost Citystarring Sandra Bullock y Channing Tatum, gave viewers exactly what they asked for: fun.

Bullock is Loretta Sage, a novelist who has spent her entire career writing about exotic locales, in her popular adventure and romance books. Loretta is reluctant to promote her new book because she prefers to spend her time in the bathtub while she drinks Chardonnay on the rocks. However, she agrees to go on tour with Alan (Tatum), the handsome cover model who acts as the face of her literary saga, to meet fans and sell copies of her novel.

While on the promotional tour, things take a turn when Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), who hopes to discover the treasure of the ancient lost city described in his most recent book. Wanting to prove that she is more than just a pretty face, Alan sets out to rescue her from the dangerous jungle and help find the treasure before it is lost forever.

                  1. SCREAM


The fifth installment in the popular slasher horror franchise, Scream, demonstrated to critics and audiences alike, that “there is no bad fifth”. After the saga suffered a setback at the box office with the release of Scream 4 (2011)the return of Ghostface and the original legacy trio of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox y David Arquettewelcomed a new cast that will carry the baton in future deliveries – such as the one confirmed Scream 6– paying homage to Wes Craven’s original creation, with a brutal, gore-filled chapter that asks no one for permission, or forgiveness.

Scream 5 can boast of being the only film to have interrupted the reign of Spider-Man: No Way Home as number 1 in domestic box office in consecutive weeks.


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