So, we continue with the second part of the big 2023 retrospective. After the most listened to songs, which this time contained a lot of older tracks, now come the official song charts of the year, i.e. only the songs that were released in 2023. I tried to only allocate one place per artist so that it remains varied.

As with Part 1, there is a clear Japanese dominance in the songs – which doesn't mean that there wasn't a lot of good stuff in the western indie sector, I just didn't notice it because my interest and focus was elsewhere this time. I actually came across very few songs from our part of the world that excited me so much that I wanted to include them in my charts. Ie, like every year, it is an extremely subjective selection. The individual placements are only to be understood as a rough guide.

What I can say, however, is that I got to know a lot more great new songs this year than in most years before, so this time I'm also giving videos for my top 30. By the way, the music clip of the year for me was number 25, きのホ。 (kinopo), a Japanese “alternative idol” group – there's so much going on and the style is so cool that the first time you watch it you don't even notice all the stories that are going on in the background.

As usual, there is also a Spotify playlist of the best songs in my opinion, including a selection of the older, most-listened pieces – HERE.

01.    BABYMETAL «Mirror, Mirror» / «METALIZM»

02. ATARASHII GAKKO! «Wave that cuts through youth»

03. Ayano Kaneko «To us» / «The towelette is calm»

04. TEARS “Duel of the Last”

05. Lana Del Rey «A&W»

06. Sherbets «Unknown road»

07.    Blur «The Narcissist»

08. Hitsujibungaku «FOOL»

09.    ERNIE «Hold Yr Horses»

10.    RAISE A SUILEN «Apocalypse»

11. Strauss «Bouquet»

12.    Theory of Ghosts «Leaves Upon The Breeze»

13. Atashi «I see»

14. Non (NON) «Namaiki and skirt»

15. Sheena Ringo «I am the cat's eyes»

16. HOTEI «Andromeda (feat. Aina The End)»

17. Adele Castillon “Alabama”

18. airattic «Turn the film reel [Film Reel of Our Youth]»

19.    Thayer Sarrano «Carried Away»

20.    Ado «Unravel (live)» (absolutely sensational, emotionally intense performance from Japan's new superstar)

21. Kana Mizusaki «End point»

22. Zaho de Sagazan “The Boys”

23. Brandy Senki «Kids»

24. Kinyounoyoru «Paradise»

25. Kinoho. (Kinopo) «Congestion»

26. Love Shop «Without Ceremony»

27.    chilldspot «Girl in the mirror»

28. N Feni (NFENI) «SUGAR»

29.    Fragile Animals «Lonely in the Sun»

30.    Moon in June «Head for München»

31. Junjo Mazeran «Neon Saturday Night»

32. komsume «Baku»

Milkyway «I wanted to be a heroine»
Depeche Mode «Ghosts Again»
Mr.Blue «Hourglass»
Plankton (PLANKTON) «Billion»
Black Honey «Cut the Cord»
Kuroki Nagisa «Gatsby»
Paris Texas «Lana Del Rey»
Kanoe Rana «Yotogibanashi»
aoie us fear «Shuffle bed»
The Incendiaries “At the corner of chance”
pettels  «Reinforced Concrete»
Emma Anderson «I Was Miles Away»
tone spoon «turn»
Pulplant «Who»
NMB48 «Done»
bedside theater «You and me. »
in sea hole «Haruno Yumeno Tochu»
Bi ne «Radio tower»
LOW-RES «Aberdeen»
Hello and Roll «Star»
acid.milk&honey “tell me”
Adé “I’m barred”
Haruna «Virgin»
Exsonvaldes “The more time passes”
Internet Islands «Puppydog»
YU-KA “gold”
Yijin Zhentian «Yun Yun Loves Sex»
cachet “fish”
Kari Yagi «know me…»
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark «Bauhaus Staircase»
Mr. Polaris “The depths as lights”


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