If the world were a fair place, The days of wine and roses would be present in the collective imagination of every music fan, Dream Syndicate would be revered by any rocker and underground paisley would be as well known as grunge. But the world is unfair, rockers are limited and MTV didn't dictate rules in the early 80s.

The first album from the band of Steve Wynn, Kendra Smith and co. is a bible written in 1982 by apostles who listened carefully to the words of the masters – Velvet, Stooges, Neil, Television, Patti Smith – to create their own sacred book. One of these days I'll return to it, today I'll return a few squares in the game of life of the dream union.

A few months before releasing their much-lauded debut on Slash Records, Dream Syndicate played their first show at Lingerie, in Hollywood. It was February 1982, and after this performance they decided to record and independently release an EP of the same name; The sessions took place at Tom Mehren's house under the tutelage of Paul B. Cutler (yes, the founder of 45 Grave who would later take over the guitar in Dream Syndicate himself) and the 4-track album was released on Wynn's label, Down There.

The group and its EP found favor with the local rock underworld, and for good reason; here are the seedlings that would germinate and grow in the days of wine and roses (in September of the same year): the noise of feedbacks, the chaotic and psychedelic guitar jams, the tribal frenzy and verbal monotony inherited from the Velvets, in short, Dream Syndicate in all its glory and power.

If you don't know it, I suggest you turn up the volume and listen to this 12-inch song. If you already take it out, I suggest doing the same to remember how awesome it is.


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