Next May, Universal Pictures and the director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Bullet Train) will release the action-adventure comedy in theaters, The Fall Guystarring Ryan Gosling y Emily Blunt.

As part of the marketing campaign, the studio released a new poster for the titled in our market as Profession dangerwhich promotes its showing at Regal Cinemas, a commercial movie theater chain that operates the second-largest movie theater circuit in the United States (it has 6,853 screens and 511 theaters).

You can find the poster focused on Gosling and Blunt at the end of the note.

Meanwhile, we tell you that the plot of the film focuses on the life of a stuntman, a topic that Leitch knows in detail and depth about, having worked as a stuntman prior to his transition to director.

And while the film's thrilling stunts are a big draw, The Fall Guy goes deeper, exploring themes of love, redemption, and the dark underbelly of the film industry. It is a narrative that balances the line between reality and the fantastic, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of those who risk everything for entertainment.

It's not just a simple action-comedy adventure, but a tribute to the people behind the scenes who make movies possible, with a profession that is often overlooked in recognition and respect.

The film, scripted by Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Hobbs & Shaw), is inspired by the 1980s television series – of which Leitch declares himself a huge fan – although it will have a twist. Unlike the show, the story does not center on a stuntman with a side job as a bounty hunter.


A battered and unfashionable stuntman finds himself working on a movie set with the star he performed a stunt for long ago and who replaced him. The star then disappears.

The plot centers on Colt Seavers (Gosling) a battered and unfashionable stuntman who finds himself back in a movie with star, Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) of whom he was a stuntman a long time ago. The problem, however, is that the star has disappeared. The producer, played by Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso), believes Colt can help find the missing actor. Colt accepts the deal because he needs money and because the director of the film is none other than his ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno (Blunt), who receives her big opportunity as director of this ridiculous and extravagant science fiction western, and who will not be very happy to see him on the set, after their breakup as a couple.

The rest of the main cast is made up of Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All at Once) giving life to the assistant of the film's star, and Winston Duke (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) as Gosling's best friend.

Kelly McCormick and Leitch produce with their company 87North, Gosling is another producer, along with Guymon Casady of Entertainment 360. Pearce is the executive producer with Geoff Shaevitz.

Theatrical release set for on May 3, 2024 in the US, while it will arrive in Mexico on May 1.



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