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Today we will introduce you to a talented person actor from Campania who is literally conquering the world of entertainment with his magnetic charisma and his extraordinary acting skills which can be seen in the ability to interpret unforgettable characters. Only for you an exclusive interview with Mirt Marella.

Born in 1990, Mirt Marella is an actor from Campania who embodies the essence of the Ciubbuck technique with mastery and passion. Known for taking part in The House that Stood and Grano Tenero, on set he manages to transform each character into an unforgettable creation. Ready to get to know him better with us? Prepare to be captured by a magnetic personality, absolutely to be discovered.

MOVIEBLOG: Mirt, how did you discover your passion for acting and what inspired you to pursue this career?

MIRT MARELLA: My passion for acting comes from a dream far from this world. Would you believe it if I told you that my only wish since I was little was to be an astronaut? Well, at the mere age of 8 I already knew everything: from the training I should have received to the life I wanted to have until one fine day someone, I don't even remember exactly who, told me that people who had stitches couldn't go into space because they could open. Bullshit obviously… but I remember never having cried so much, not even in the circumstances that led me to have those stitches… Well, I don't know if you've understood but I often hurt myself, I didn't sit still for a minute! Apart from this, I immediately thought of plan B. Another secret dream, in fact, was to be a firefighter, I was fascinated by this world, I played with miniatures and I thought I would be up to it but another obstacle arose in my mind. head: I was one of the shortest kids at school and what if that stopped me too? And at the same time, the thought of going into space never went away. Then at the age of 8 I decided to find an alternative way to reach him. Being an actor was the solution, that way in my head I could definitely go to space for some successful film. Then I grew up, I matured but I never stopped thinking about the future and I understood that acting was no longer a remedy but had become my dream, a goal to absolutely achieve.

MOVIEBLOG: Have you ever overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles along your journey?

MIRT MARELLA: Absolutely yes. I won't hide from you that what I feared most was the issue of diction which is fundamental in this career but starting to do this job I understood that when an objective is strong and clear no obstacle is truly insurmountable.

MOVIEBLOG: To date, what are your strengths as an actor and what distinguishes you from other professionals in the industry?

MIRT MARELLA: What I call hunger… and not for food although honestly that never fails. Jokes aside, by that I mean determination. Embarking on this career is not easy and I have told myself several times “I am not rich, I am not famous and I am not recommended. What can I do then? Well be good!” And this is what pushes me to move forward, to always do everything better but I have to admit… one thing to be proud of is certainly having been lucky enough to study the Ciubbuck technique, one of the most powerful and revolutionary in the world that distinguishes Hollywood's most beloved stars, from Brad Pitt to Sylvester Stallone. To learn it I attended the HT Studio Academy in Rome and it is a choice that I would make again a million times and that I recommend to all those who have the same hunger as me… well!

MOVIEBLOG: Do you have any role models or sources of inspiration in the acting world that have influenced you in your journey?

MIRT MARELLA: When I'm asked this question my first answer is always the same: Denzel Washington. I feel deep admiration for his extraordinary career but if I were to also think about my person, which is separate from my work, I cannot deny my weakness for the man I consider the absolute excellence of the cinematographic world: Robert De Niro.

MOVIEBLOG: How do you prepare for a new role? What are your strategies for getting into character and making your performance authentic?

MIRT MARELLA: Should I already tell you my secrets? Come on, I'm joking. In reality I base everything on the ability to interpret my character. When we are given the script on set, I immediately notice that most people work from memory, whereas the first step that I sincerely face is putting myself into the part. I try to be as realistic as possible to the person I will have to play, it's the only way for me to make my performance authentic.

MOVIEBLOG: Tell us about your most meaningful work experience to date and why you found it so important.

MIRT MARELLA: The most significant is the film The House That Stood where I play the protagonist Camillo in his adult phase. The plot is inspired by a true story and is set in World War II based on true events. Camillo's life is turned upside down when the Germans occupy the family inn in San Pietro Avellana but that's not all. When he finds himself forced to leave his territory, he reluctantly finds himself no longer seeing Bianca, the girl he was in love with… I won't tell you anything else, I'll leave the last word to you when you watch this film but this role is was really meaningful to me.

I am also linked to other characters than the one played in XIII a project in which I was a soldier in a setting inspired by the thirteenth canto of Dante's Inferno in the circle of suicides who meets two controversial figures… death and the harpy Wheat by Gioele Perretta where you will find me in the role of Dino, a young man who works in a bakery but the story is yet to be discovered. Furthermore, I recently took part in a project by Stefano Sollima on Netflix. All I have to say is: Stay tuned.

MOVIEBLOG: What are your future plans in the world of acting? Do you have any role or project that you particularly want to fulfill?

MIRT MARELLA: From what I hope I have conveyed to you in this interview, you will surely have understood that I am a very ambitious person. I don't know what fate has in store for me but I hope to move to America soon for work. I have just returned from a training experience at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute a Los Angeles and I lived those months as a citizen, not as a tourist. I came back enthusiastic and with a great desire to settle down where being an actor is not considered risky but rather a stable and serious job. Among the characters I would love to play is that of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior, not only because I am deeply fascinated by the historicity of the character but his charisma, the imprint of his family, his career are traits that I consider extraordinary. Also, don't you notice the same physiognomy? 😊

MOVIEBLOG: Do you have any advice for those like you who want to pursue a career in acting?

MIRT MARELLA: The advice I would like to give to those like me who want to pursue this career is to never give up. Ours is a slow path that requires dedication, commitment, consistency but also a good dose of failures. Only those who make mistakes have a greater chance of succeeding because it is from their mistakes that they learn.

And as Winston Churchill said: success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm.

MOVIEBLOG: Hi Mirt, Thanks for sharing! We look forward to seeing you again to tell us about your next work experiences.

MIRT MARELLA: Thank you for listening to me. See you soon

For the more curious, here is Mirt Marella's social profile – https://www.instagram.com/mirt_marella?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igsh=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==

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