I've very rarely written anything about recently released albums, and if I do it's because the album caught my attention. Exactly as happened with Glasgow eyesthe last work of Reid brothers officially born via Fuzz Club/Cooking Vinyl on the 22nd, but has been circulating through illegal channels on the network for some time now.

I could go on and on and on and on to talk about the 12 songs that make up the package, but there are plenty of websites out there for that. After all, the album, besides being amazing, marks 40 years of Jim and William's turbulent trajectory. What you need to know is that Glasgow eyes comes loaded with influences from kraut/Kraftwerk (but without electronic exaggerations), Suicide (always, right?) and, why not, the psych that Jesus helped to sow back in the 80s, all of this divided into unequal doses and packaged in Mary Chain molds.

There are quieter moments (“Second of June”) and more rocky ones (“American Born”, “The Eagles and the Beatles”), but throughout the album the references mentioned above are present, as well as the strong acidity of the songs. letters, and that is all the necessary information. Attest. Or not, as Caetano would say.

But listen closely!

No spotifuck

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