Neil Marshall He has his next project ready to be released, The Lairwhich, as seen in the official trailer shared below, will mark the filmmaker’s return to his horror roots, and will be blending the style of his feature directorial debut, Dog Soldiers (2002) and the acclaimed horror film, The Descent (2005).

His most recent film stars Charlotte Kirk as a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot who, during a mission in Afghanistan, and after being shot down by insurgents, must face half-human, half-alien weapons:


When Royal Air Force pilot Lieutenant Kate Sinclair is shot down in Afghanistan, she finds refuge in an abandoned underground bunker where deadly, half-human, half-alien man-made bioweapons awaken.

Kirk (The Reckoning, First Kill), Jonathan Howard (The Last Ship, Skylines), Jamie Bamber (NCIS, Fearless), y Kibong Tanji make up the main cast.

In interview with EWMarshall explains the plot of The Lair, and how he came up with the story for the script:

“It’s about a group of soldiers and a downed pilot in Afghanistan who stumble upon a former Russian black site and trigger a science experiment that has been lurking there for quite some time. And all hell breaks loose.”

“A friend of mine suggested that if we could write something really cheap and low budget, we could go and do a little movie in the desert outside of Los Angeles. That fell through, but the idea of ​​doing something in the desert during COVID was, well maybe that would make it easier if it was outdoors, warm weather, minimal cast, minimal locations. One way or another it ended up being in Afghanistan with bunkers and Russian monsters. I just have this inability to write a script low-budget and stick with it. It invariably becomes much more ambitious. I guess that’s in my nature.”

The shooting of the film took place in Budapest.

In addition to Dog Soldiers, y The DescentMarshall has directed other films such as Doomsday (2008), Centurion (2010), the reboot of Hellboy (2019), y The Reckoning (2020). He has directed episodes of series such as Game of Thrones –for which he was nominated for an Emmy in 2014–, Constantine, Hannibal, Westworld, y Lost in Space.

The Lair celebrated its world premiere at FrightFest in London last August.

RLJE Films will premiere The Lair in theaters, On Demand, and on Digital, on October 28, 2022. The streamer specializing in the horror genre, Shudder, will premiere it in 2023.

Official trailer and poster:


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