Membranes emerged in Blackpool, England, during the hurricane from which so many bands were loved around here, but unlike Fall, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Banshees and others, they never became ‘classics’, at least for those who don’t know them .

Formed by John Robb around 1977, the band had several formations in its first incarnation, which lasted until the mid-1990s. of world and music, adding to the ‘basic formula’ of post-punk (if that exists) dissonances and a lot of noise, influencing from more chaotic industrial to the noise rock of people like Sonic Youth and Big Black.

Crack house it’s the guys’ first album, released forty years ago via Criminal Damage and until today a firecracker to be discovered by the new generations. If in 1981 “Muscles”, their first single, became an unlikely hit in alternative clubs and won the favor of master John Peel, here the membranes raised their abrasive power to the tenth power; bass and drums sound beaten and unplayed, synths only exist to add to the chaos, and guitars tear apart whatever lies ahead as Robb and future actor/filmmaker Mark Tilton vent their frustrations over everything around them.

If you’re new to this anarchic institution called Membranes, it’s time for your first dive. If not, rediscover them. In both cases, listen on the stalk!


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