This post actually has a purely illustrative character, after all I know absolutely nothing about the trio the neverminds (just like that, everything is tiny), and they apparently are also not interested in presenting anything other than their music, in this case their one and only 5-track EP, called nevermind, the summer. (just like that, everything is tiny²). Not that technical information or similar is important here, so let’s go.

I discovered the band a few days ago while traveling through the universe of new Japanese shoegaze/dream pop artists, but despite the visible connection with the land of the rising sun, one of the only information available about them is that they come from Ontario, Canada. Whether they are issei, nisei, sansei or yonsei, I don’t know (horrible joke hahaha).

Anyway, my first contact with nerverminds was through the song “somewhere”, and suddenly I was on the website of the Japanese label Miles Apart, which relaunched on the 3rd nevermind, the summer. in cassette version (the band released it into the world months before, in August, digitally only). And the record, despite not being absolutely innovative or surprising, is very beautiful and entirely crafted in dreams and distorted blurs, and the aforementioned song grabbed my heart, and so, here we are.

End of transmission. Bon voyage!


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