The slasher franchise Happy Death Day of the filmmaker Christopher Landonthe producer Jason Blum de Blumhouse Productions, y Universal Pictures, She is alive!

Two successful films, a few years of comings and goings, and the commitment of all those involved to launch a third installment that puts an end to what was intended as a trilogy, and it seems that finally Happy Death Day 3 achieves important progress.

Jessica Rotheprotagonist of the horror saga, was at WonderCon promoting his most recent film, Boy Kills Worldwhen questioned about an upcoming Happy Death Day. The actress surprised by revealing the following via ScreenGeek:

Well, I can say that Chris Landon has it all figured out. We just have to wait for Blumhouse and Universal to get to work. But I have my fingers very crossed. I think Tree [Gelbman] “It deserves its third and final chapter to close out that incredible character and franchise or give it a new beginning.”

The fans of Happy death day They are also awaiting a third film. Now everything depends on Blumhouse and Universal.


Happy Death Day (2017) follows Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) who relives the same day over and over again – Groundhog Day– day in which she is murdered in absurdly funny ways. Tree is murdered by an unknown masked man; the plot of the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U (2019) revealed that what Tree experiences is caused by an experimental quantum reactor, and its climax led to a twist in the narrative involving a secret government agency called DARPA. Thus opening the possibilities of continuing to explore more about what happened in a future installment.

The slasher saga was launched with great success in theaters in 2017, with the title in our country Happy Death Day. The film dominated the box office and demonstrated that slasher cinema was still alive and profitable, collecting more than $125 million globally, from a micro budget of $4.5 million. the specialty of Blum production company. After the enormous reception at the box office – and with critics – Blumhouse launched the sequel Happy Death Day 2U (Happy death day 2), who repeated Landon –director of the first– as director, in addition to taking on duties as screenwriter, since Jessica Rothe as protagonist.

Landon confirmed in September 2020 that he was working on the development of the third installment with the provisional title of Happy Death Day To Us.


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