Based on the book of the same name by Sarah Alderson, The Weekend Away is the new thriller genre film available on the Netflix platform and which immediately jumped into its top ten.

The protagonist is Leighton Meesterour beloved Blair from Gossip Girl, who she supports Christina Wolfe in a context full of twists where nothing is taken for granted.

In the cast we also find Ziad Bakri in the role of taxi driver ZainLuke Norris who plays Beth Rob’s husband, Amar Bukvic the policeman following the case e Adrian Pezdirc the composer and owner of the hotel in Croatia.

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Trama The Weekend Away

Beth is a young mother who decides to leave for a weekend in Croatia to spend some time with her best friend Kate, who has just returned from divorce. Even Beth’s wedding seems not to go the right way, which is why Kate decides to let her distract her for a while but a simple weekend with friends will change Beth’s life forever. After a night together, Kate disappears and is found dead. What happened to Kate? Is their bond hiding something? These and many other questions you will ask yourself watching The Weekend Away.

Where was The Weekend Away filmed?

Kim Farrant’s new thriller, The Weekend Away, was shot in Croatia mainly in Split in the summer of 2021. The film offers a view of the most beautiful attractions of Split including Matejuška, a small Split fishermen’s harbor well known as a tourist attraction.

The Weekend Away: the film where nothing is as it seems

The Weekend Away is one of those films that manage to keep the attention high until the end because it is full of twists. A girlfriend weekend turns into a tragedy and is experienced with a flurry of negative emotions for Beth (Leighton Meester) but facing unexpected revelations is even more difficult for her. Beth is able to trust everyone, she is a simple woman, she loves her little girl and despite her marriage is not idyllic, she resists for the love of the little girl while Kate (Christina Wolfe) always catalyses the attention on herself, a lively, flashy woman who tries to give moments of lightheartedness to her friend to make her distract.

After a night in a club, when she wakes up Beth does not remember anything and not finding her friend Kate begins desperately looking for her. She goes to the police who tell her to wait 24 hours before reporting her disappearance but, worried about her friend, she begins to investigate the previous night together with the taxi driver Zain whom she begins to trust from the first moment.

The next day, Beth is called back by the police to recognize the corpse of her friend Kate, found dead in the sea and her husband Rob immediately flies to Croatia to support her but soon returns home to be with their daughter.

Meanwhile, Beth must stay there and uncover a secret about her friend Kate that leads her to be suspected of her murder due to what could be a valid motive. She finds accommodation with the help of the owner of the hotel where Kate was staying but there is something about him that does not convince her and, by investigating her, she not only discovers her secret but she finds evidence that would definitively exonerate her. .

Several male figures appear throughout the storyline and it’s easy to point your finger at any of them, especially since they all seem to have secrets to hide but the plot does not develop in a predictable way on the contrary it manages to make people doubt for the entire duration of the film. Even if the solution was right there under our noses, some pieces could brilliantly confuse us.

For fans of Gossip Girl, seeing our beloved Blair in this guise of a possible murderer is unusual but Leighton Meester is a very good actress, she manages to be loved in any role she proposes to us and once again exceeds our expectations.

Overall, the film cannot be completely defined as a thriller but it nevertheless offers itself as an excellent result. Rated 8 out of 10. And you have watched it? What do you think? We leave you the trailer for The Weekend Away.


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