From May 11th to 13th it’s that time again: The Trip series once again presents an exciting genre kaleidoscope – presented among others by glad glad and this year something different.

Last year, the trip returned from the Corona break as a multi-day indoor festival with a great program. And the sixth edition also looks very promising – for the first time under the name Trip Days. Because this year the program will be less stringently electronic. Rather, there are three evenings that will stand on their own musically.

Various program, themed evenings

“That’s how it came about during booking,” says Niclas from the organizer crew Annihilate!, who also organized the trip. “We rethink every issue and take into account the atmosphere of the respective location when curating. And this time the booking showed that we want to invite very different acts.”

In the end, three evenings came out that are clearly inspired by the typical eclectic trip spirit, but are clearly separated in a functional sense. Specifically, this means that while future bass, rap and guitars are the focus at UT Connewitz, synth pop and cold wave can be heard at IfZ. And at the Trip Final in Conne Island, various international styles are mixed within an electronic setting.

In a classic indoor festival framework, this diversity would probably have been difficult to combine – in this respect there are the Trip Days, “where there should be something for everyone musically,” says Niclas. In any case!

The complete program / tickets

11. Mai 2023 – UT Connewitz
Catnapp, Magi Merlin
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May 12, 2023 – Institute for the Future
DeAmbassade, isolation community
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13. May 2023 – Conne Island
My Bad Sister, Otto von Schirach, Deki Alem, Valeska, John Minus Plus
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Have a listen? Here it goes


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