The French quintet Unschooling is part of the same post-punk school (bad jokes, we have) from which bands like Viet Cong (Preoccupations), Omni, Shopping and many others that drink from the eternal fountain of youth of Wire, DevoJosef K, Sonic Youth and others.

They appeared there around 2017/18 and after a ‘homemade’ cassette tape (Defensive designsfrom 2019) and an EP (Acts of total control2021), at the beginning of October, which is coming to an end, they debuted on Bad Vibrations – and distributed by Fuzz Club – with New world artifactswhich now plays on our virtual record player.

The album is a lean 30 minutes with 11 songs full of angular riffs and fractured rhythms, far from the basic formula of (the bulk of) current post-punk and very close to another school that has taught how to escape sameness for decades, no wave . You know that bass guitar and the vocals with reverb? So, there is none here. Haha ha.

Avoid the obvious. Listen to the stalk!


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