The Leipzig label VAYA provides us with a little musical addendum to the outgoing summer. The makers have already made a dazzling and lasting impression with one or two solo compilations and pretty shirts. Now comes the first release on tape and there is no other way to say it: the name says it all.

On “Disco Oranges” VAYA brings together a few producer celebrities from the wider environment and delivers a tasteful and versatile compilation. Preserved summer vibes in a whopping 2 x 40 minutes for the cassette deck at the lake or the Walkman on the go. If you prefer it digitally, you can find the compilation on Bandcamp as a stream and download. It is worth it!

Whether disco funk (Ranko) or fluffy dubstep (Lai Raw), Beastie Boys homage (Varum), house (DJ Balaton; Cimas, Rob de Bank; Siggatunez) or synth-pop (supa KC; Heron). The spectrum is quite broad and is fun. Sounds like a nice mixtape recorded by someone who likes you.
With “Insights” by Jakob Mäder there is a super sweet disco house hit (my secret favorite) that makes you want to go outside, cycle to the lake or go to an open air party.

Speaking of which: The Vaya compilation is celebrating its release in the west of Leipzig this Saturday.

SA, 16.09.2023


14-22 h

Well, if that doesn’t sound tempting? See you around!


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