With “Electric Vandalism,” Self Learning System releases its most ambitious project to date on vinyl. Acts from the local and international electro scene come together on six tracks. Another step for the label to position itself beyond the local scene. We listened.

“Electric Vandalism” features Viikatory, Luke Eargoggle & F-Low, Edo8, Olivia, Self Learning Systems own DJ Unisex and Electrodefender.

Viikatory has gotten off to a rocky start over the last four years. Although she is basically new with her first gig in 2020, Viikatory played and produced her way around the world out of the Covid crisis in clubs and on various compilations and her own records. She finds her home in the faster realms of electro and techno, but remains true to the old school of the genre and combines new age elements with classic electroid sounds.

Their productions are based on breakbeats and recurring acid accents. Viikatory has now found a very permanent place in the scene. She has been a resident at Tresor Berlin since 2024 and frequently works with artists such as Jensen Interceptor and DJ Mell G. On the Self Learning System compilation, her track is old school. Groovy bassline meets classic electro beats with recurring vocal snippets. As a result of the breakdown, the rhythm changes to Four to the Floor, giving the bassline and synths space to develop in the other groove. The track takes a cool twist on playing with expectations.

Track 2 comes from Swedish electro legend Luke Eargoggle. The artist has been producing for more than 20 years and runs the label Stillleben Records, known for Scandinavian electro sound. Eargoggle usually shines with cool productions between minimalism and clear tunes. For this record he works together with F.Low, also seen on Stillleben compilations. With “I Need Your Energy” the two create a whirlpool of 808 beats and playful space sounds. The whole thing opens with the monologue vocals at the end.

Post Mortem the third track of the VA will be released. The Dutch artist and DJ Edo8 unfortunately passed away in 2022. Edo had been an integral part of the Dutch electro scene since the 1990s and collaborated with Clone Records, one of the most influential electro labels, for decades. His track “BreakOne” was licensed for the VA. The tempo increases again – saturated and distorted drums and melodies fly around. The whole thing is driven by the break vocals that hold everything together. The last track of Side A is definitely something for electro heads who like it more forward.

Side B comes in with booming 808s and retains the industrial charm. Producer Olivia stays on top of the brutal film and continues the faster and heavier mood of Edo's track. Olivia, based in Krakow, also likes to release on the legendary Pinkman label from Rotterdam. “Grzbynia” is uncompromising, but it loses me personally in the middle. The final something is missing.

The highlight of the record, however, is Self Learning Systems own DJ Unisex with “Conflict Data”: Industrial synths meet quirky little melodies and a beautiful acid line. The track builds up again and again, but focuses on the individual elements, giving space for the sound to develop and expand, but remaining subtle. Can be played mega to bring sets to new energy levels.

Electrodefender, which emerged from the German breakdance scene, is building the final conclusion of the VA. Cheesy 80s synth and basslines collide with retro electro beats. That could also have come from Vangelis if he had done Electro. The whole sound is wonderfully old school with a bit of synthwave in it. Electrodefender brings the record to a nice finale and underlines the funky and wavy influences, also for the newer and younger artists of the VA. Really nice OG.

SELF004 is ambitious. As far as I know, there has been little comparable international music coming out of the electro scene in Leipzig in recent years. For me personally, some tracks are still missing the icing on the cake – that is, the element that makes the songs stay in your memory. This works on the B-Side, but much better. Either way, you should definitely check out the VA, because the tracks are all diverse and of high quality.

Partytipp on top

Self Learning System loads on March 15th. With their event series “Popular Problems” they are once again entering the new wave and presenting breaky sounds from UK influences to old-school electro for one night. Included are Acidfinky b2b Prantel, cracra & label creators Friedrich Ernst b2b DJ Unisex. Big tip at this point!

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/42033/various-artists-electric-vandalism-self-learning-system

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