And here’s something to end Sunday.

happy day tip //

Barcelona Lounge // Barcelona Bar // 7:00 p.m
w/ Derrick, Zapotec

The Barcelona Bar on Gottschedstrasse celebrated its 25th birthday yesterday. In addition to great wines and tapas, the bar has always been an important meeting place for the Leipzig electronics scene – especially due to the Sunday Barcelounge evenings. Today is another edition with two breaks, jungle, dub and electronica heroes from Leipzig. Happy Birthday.

Also today //

Fäncy Island – Conne Island – 22 hours of house, disco, pop for the 10th Fäncy Birthday, indoors and later outdoors with Analog Soul, Bonbons, DJ Bobo, Glysantin, HMDI, Kalexis, Kleine Klinke, Lauer, Map.ache, Mauro Caracho, Napoleon Dynamite


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