Things are getting difficult for Spyglass Media Groupthe studio that produces the slasher saga Screamand for the future of the franchise itself, following the fact that on November 21, Spyglass fired the protagonist, the Mexican actress Melissa Barreraand will not reprise his role as Sam Carpenter in the next installment, Scream VII. The production company cut short the collaboration with the actress following publications about the Israel-Hamas war, considered “anti-Semitic” by Spyglass.

A new THR report explains that some sources with knowledge of the situation highlighted that The dismissal occurred a month earlier, in October, in the first weeks of the Israel-Palestine conflict.when Barrera began to talk about the countries of the Middle East.

Prior to his dismissal, sources say that his contract to reprise his role as Sam Carpenter had been terminated. In case you are not aware, it is said that he contracted it with Scream It consisted of two films, which had already been made, Scream (2022) y Scream VI (2023), so a new agreement was needed to return to Scream 7.

The day after Barrera's dismissal, on November 22, another big news was announced, the other co-star, Jenna Ortegawho plays Sam's younger sister Tara Carpenter, will not return for Scream 7. In the original report, scheduling conflicts were cited due to the filming of season 2 of Wednesday as the reason, although there has been much speculation that the real reason why Ortega ultimately decided not to return was because of what happened with Barrera. Another possible reason for his absence could be that Ortega, who has become one of the most sought-after faces in film and television, asked Spyglass for a salary increase, which the company considered “too much.” The same company denied a salary increase a Neve Campbellwho was not part of Scream 6 for said salary dispute.

Ortega would have left the horror franchise a few months ago, although that does not coincide with the information that circulated in recent weeks, which indicated that, despite his commitment to Wednesday, he would return to Scream 7 probably with a minor role. Unlike Barrera, Ortega did not have a new deal for a follow-up film. Scream.

THR explained:

“Ortega had been paid six figures for his previous installments, but his team now wants projects with significant salaries, something the Scream franchise is not known for. Sources say she was looking for high seven figures and anticipated that Spyglass would resist.”

“Spyglass president Gary Barber is known for his shrewd business sense or for being stingy, depending on which side of the table you are on, multiple sources say”

“Barber's apparent conclusion is that neither stars nor big salaries are essential. 'He didn't need Neve, he doesn't need Jenna,' says a source.”


The absence of Barrera and Ortega will undoubtedly bring a significant change in the history of Scream VII. It was speculated that this new trilogy would focus on the Carpenter sisters.

It was previously reported that possible plans for the next film are being put on the table, with James Vanderbilt y Guy Busickscreenwriters of Scream 5 y Scream 6, working on a fresh new script draft to introduce you to Christopher Landonwho was announced as director of the upcoming sequel last August, taking over from Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Scream 5, Scream 6) aka Radio Silence.

A reboot in sight?

“While some experts say the situation is a “disaster” and “very raw,” it may not be as serious as it might seem. Scream has always had interchangeable villains behind the mask, casts, and certain legacy characters. Another reboot won't fatally stab the franchise.”

As far as we know, Spyglass is still trying to convince Neve Campbell to return for Scream VII, with producers desperate to see her reclaim her iconic character as Sidney Prescott. She also talks about wanting the return of Patrick Dempsey, who played Woodsboro Police Detective Mark Kincaid. As briefly revealed in a scene from Scream 5 (2022), Sidney and Mark married and started a family.

Brand new plans Scream 7 in 2025 they continue in the minds of the producers and studio.


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