No Time to Die 2021 marked the farewell of Daniel Craig as James Bondwhich is why the creatives at the helm of the long-running action franchise are resolving what the future plans will be for the secret agent.

On the other hand, Zack Snyder has been trying to launch a new IP for Netflix for some time, with projects like Army of the Deadand the recently released Rebel Moon. Snyder is also responsible for titles such as Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicey Justice League.

Snyder told The Atlantic that he was interested in tackling the franchise. 007and a young version of James Bond:

“I mean, how much intellectual property is there? It would be cool to see 20-year-old James Bond. The humble roots he comes from. Whatever trauma from youth makes you able to be James Bond. There has to be something there.”

However, although Snyder is interested in exploring a younger version of Bond, 007 producers, including Michael G. Wilson, squashed rumors that circulated in 2022 about the possibility of having Tom Holland in a leading role, clarifying that the Next Bond will be an “actor in his 30s,” the same age Craig was when he debuted as Agent 007 in Casino Royale.


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