Sachsentrance has become a buzzword for everyone who wants it “fast, hard, loud”. And in a good mood, shrill, colorful. The collective is hosting a multi-generational party for the first time in the Moritzbastei on March 16, 2024.

“Old and young usually never celebrate together… The gap between the generations is noticeable everywhere, unfortunately,” the creators write about their party, which is quite unusual but all the more endearing: Sachsentrance wants to bring older and younger people together in a celebration context , on March 16, 2024.

Die Generation Trance takes place from 6 p.m. in the Moritzbastei in Leipzig. The 60th birthday of the mother of one of the founding members was the reason to address the topic of multi-generational raves. And: HP Baxxter (the frontman of Scooter) is also celebrating his 60th birthday on the same day.

Birthdays should always be celebrated wherever and whenever possible. A round birthday, even an extravagant one, with many guests and, at best, new, surprising encounters. Everyone interested is invited to this special Sachsentrance celebration, “whether in their 20s or 90s, it doesn’t matter.” The line-up consists of Justin Tinderdate, The Jakob Sister, Sabu!, RaverPik, Blame the Booker, Atreo, Calypso, Die Roten Torpedos and Lovejuley.

Age discrimination in clubs, which certainly discourages many older people from queuing at the club, is taking place. Being older is valued, even in the rave scene, because electronic music and club culture are considered youth culture. Several generations could find interesting overlaps and stories in each other. Sachsentrance's campaign draws attention to this in a playful way.

Moritzbastei, March 16, 2024 Generation Trance

6 p.m. entry *There will be popular music on 2 separate dance floors, you can dance or sit at a table in the café, talk and drink.

7 p.m. bingo *2 hours of bingo in the café with funny presenters and great prizes

8 p.m. Rollator dance and rollator polonaise *Rollator dance with an experienced seniors' residence dancer

9:30 p.m. party *From 10 p.m. the Schlager dance floor will develop towards pop music and from 12 p.m. it will become the Scooter Tribute Floor

From 10 p.m. two more dance floors will be opened *classical as well as modern trance and electronic music is playing


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