The marketing of the conclusion of the trilogy Halloween of David Gordon Green has been promoting the film as “the final battle” by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers, where only one of them will survive.

And ahead of the premiere of Halloween Ends next October 14, 2022, Universal Pictures y Blumhouse They continue to pamper us with more promotional material focused precisely on the final confrontation between the iconic characters of the horror franchise, the final girl vs. the villainous Michael.

The featurette entitled “The Final Reckoning” is found at the end of the note.

  • EYE TO THE DATA: The sequel will employ a launch strategy similar to its predecessor, Halloween Killscon simultaneous release in theaters and in Peacock on October 14, 2022 (in Peacock only in the United States). In the international market it will debut on the big screen. AND
  • In recent days, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) awarded him, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Rated Rby: “Bloody horror violence and gore, language throughout, and some sexual references.”

The story will take a major leap in time four yearscompared to its predecessor, Halloween Kills, to place the argument in the present tense. This is what the director, Green, commented a while back: There is a jump in time. [La historia] goes back to a contemporary timeline, so it will jump four years.”


“After 45 years, The most acclaimed and revered horror franchise in movie history reaches its epic and terrifying conclusion as Laurie Strode faces evil incarnate, Michael Myers, one last time in a final showdown. like no other captured on screen before… Only one of them will survive.

“The icon Jamie Lee Curtis She returns one last time as Laurie Strode, horror’s first ‘final girl’ and the role that launched Curtis’s career. Curtis has played Laurie for more than four decades, one of the longest actor-character pairings in film history. When the franchise was relaunched in 2018, Halloween broke box office records, becoming the highest-grossing chapter in the franchise and setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend for a horror film starring a woman.


“Four years after the events of last year’s Halloween Kills, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and is finishing writing her memoir. Michael Myers has not been seen since. Laurie, after allowing Michael’s specter to determine and drive his reality for decades, has decided to break free from fear and anger and embrace life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), is accused of killing a child he was babysitting, igniting a cascade of violence and terror that will force Laurie to finally confront the evil she cannot control, once and for all. .”

The legendary John Carpenter He is on board the project as composer of the original soundtrack – along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies.


Featurette “The Final Reckoning”:


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