on the sixth album A Place to Bury Strangers, See through youthere is a track called “My head is bleeding” which is the best definition of what happens when you listen to the record.

The New York band formed by Oliver Ackermann there in the first half of the 2000s continues to recycle and increase the volume with each work, stretching the possibilities of noise and chaos in the universe they created, merging and expanding their mix of shoegaze/noise and punk. /post-punk.

The flirtations with the dark and dancing industrial that became clear from Transfixiation – from 2015 – are increasingly explicit (see “Dragged in a hole”, for example), further thickening the sound mass created by APTBS. impossible to hear See through you and not to think of words like ‘devastating’, ‘deafening’, ‘cathartic’ and also not to visualize Satan himself riding a steamroller crushing and igniting whatever is in front of him.

The subtleties, if they can be called that, are left for the end of the album with the almost crystalline “I don’t know how you do it” and “Love reaches out”, which would easily pass for a New Order song if the New Order still made good songs.

And so the direct heirs of the Reid brothers continue as the loudest, most violent and instigating band today, making me even break the current blog pattern and write about a release.

Listen on the stalk!

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