The Leipzig label Blaq Numbers takes us on a summer evening stroll through Weimar – and Albyrd has the best imaginable soundtrack for it.

I first came across the Blaq Numbers label through a compilation called Space Invaders. Attracted by the artwork, it was like a blind buy. And one that was worth it. An incredibly well curated tape that can be listened to like a mix.

Since then, every Blaq Numbers release has been at least checked out and mostly plugged in. The label has grooved between R’n’B, House, Downbeat and E-Funk. Everyone who can gain something from these genres will find what they are looking for here. An annual compilation of the label for good causes is also recommended to everyone here.

The latest number in the grid comes from songwriter and singer Albyrd and is called “Weimar EP”, written and produced by the artist himself. A homage to the city and life in it with all its interpersonal connections, like the opener “Park an der Ilm “ Makes it clear. Birds are chirping, melancholic guitar picking sets in, a few e-piano chords and then the voice that will accompany you on the next eight tracks. You want to sit down and listen, know how it goes on. Lively and quite danceable as it turns out.

Albyrd combines RnB with dance elements, electric piano and synth bass, it’s just grooving. And by track three at the latest it’s clear that this EP will be a perfect companion for the beginning of summer. “Your Heartbeat” is a flawless pop song with beautiful brass that you can keep humming to yourself all day.

There isn’t a bad track on this EP. On the contrary, because every track is a little hit that works wonderfully on its own or in the overall context of the EP. “Until You Know What I Felt For You” starts euphorically and then just fades out after almost two minutes. what does it help Turn the tape over and listen again from the beginning.

The artwork comes from the artist Nänni Pää and shouldn’t go unmentioned here, because it’s stylish as usual. The cassette could thus again lead to one or the other blind purchase in the record store.


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