Blumhouse y Universal Pictures a new trilogy of the franchise is underway The Exorcistwhose first delivery, The Exorcist: Believer from the director David Gordon Green It was released in theaters in October 2023, without rhyme or reason.

Now, in preparation for the second installment, whose title is The Exorcist: Deceiverthe studios face a setback with the departure of Green as director of the project, and are already looking for his replacement. THR reports that Green's departure is due to his commitment to filming Nutcrackersand season 4 of the HBO series, The Righteous Gemstones.

The sequel had set its theatrical release for April 18, 2025, however, the search for a new director has left it out of Universal Pictures' release calendar for the moment, and the date previously designated for Deceiverwill occupy it Michaelthe Michael Jackson biopic by Antoine Fuqua.

Upon its theatrical release, The Exorcist: Believer It failed to consolidate itself either at the box office or with critics, accumulating a global total of $136.2 million dollars ($65.5 million coming from the domestic box office). Universal paid Morgan Creek $400 million to acquire the rights to the horror franchise and placed high hopes on the release of a new trilogy.

The one titled in our country as The Exorcist: Believers It worked as a reboot/sequel to the original classic The Exorcist from 1973, which featured the return of Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil, appearing to provide help to a new group of characters, among them, Leslie Odom Jr. as Victor Fielding, a widower who has raised his daughter Angela alone since the tragic death of his wife. It is after Angela and her friend Katherine disappear in the woods and return three days later that a chain of events is unleashed that will lead Victor to face the lowest point of evil, and to enlist the help of the aforementioned Chris. MacNeil.

William Fredkin directed the original horror classic, which continues to reign as the largest domestic box office total for a horror film, with $441 million. It has been at number one for 48 years. This film followed the events of the possession of a 12-year-old girl and the efforts of her mother (Burstyn) and two Catholic priests in their attempt to save her.

Green wrote the script for The Exorcist: Believer next to Peter Sattler (Broken Diamonds), from a story by Green, Scott Teems (Halloween Kills) y Danny McBride (Halloween).

Jason Blum, David Robinson, James G. Robinson produced, with David Gordon Green, Stephanie Allen, Danny McBride, Couper Samuelson, Christopher H. Warner, and Atilla Salih Yücer serving as executive producers.


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