Bells Echo is back – the lavishly produced concert series for experimental music and visuals will take place again on November 4, 2022 after a 2.5-year break.

Since 2015, the Bells Echo concert series has explored the tension between contemporary music, visual art and historical architecture. After several concerts in the Philippuskirche in Lindenau, the provisional highlight in 2019 was in the equally monumental and dystopian crypt of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Since then there has been silence around Bell’s echo due to Corona.

In addition to various invited musicians such as N., Warm Graves or Walder, Bells Echo also repeatedly inspired the dark electronic compositions of the two initiators Alex Röser and Stefkovic van Interest. Together with the Visual-Artits Gen P, they developed new pieces that interacted with the respective spaces.

There have been plans for a new edition for some time – but the situation has been too uncertain in the past two years. “And more than once there was the danger of not being able to organize such an event again in the future,” says the press release.

But on November 4, 2022 it works – not as originally planned in the Schaubühne Lindenfels, but in the UT Connewitz. With Ben Frost, an act from Australia has been invited there, who is celebrated internationally for his dark ambient sets – and whom the Bells Echo crew had wanted to invite for a long time. He currently lives in Iceland and also works as a film composer, including for the series “Dark”.

In addition, Moritz Fasbender from Leipzig and Corecass from Hamburg can be experienced with experimental and sometimes dark live sets. For the first time, Gen P gets an interesting sidekick in the visual design of the evening with the Nuremberg visual artist Hannah Grünwald. A very exciting evening even.

>> Tickets are available online at TixForGigs <<


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