On November 10th there will be another Bells Echo – again in a special location and with an exciting headliner from Japan. We present the concert and give away tickets.

The Bells Echo series has been a reliable highlight for concerts with experimental electronic music for several years – not just anywhere, but in unusual places. This year it’s a church again, the Heilandskirche in Plagwitz, to be precise.

At the end of October 2023, it will open a new space, the Westkreuz, which will shine in new splendor after a renovation. The West Cross area is an architectural specificity because a false ceiling was installed in the church during GDR times. This created a very low church space at the top and space for an art archive at the bottom. Would you like more information? There is an interesting construction diary here.

“We had already chosen the Heilandskirche in 2020, but had to cancel the edition because of Corona. Due to the extremely low church interior, visitors are at the same level as the organ and close to the windows.” – Stefkovic from Interest, Mit-Organizer Bells Echo

Musically, an organ also plays a prominent role – albeit a self-built one by Yosuke Fujita alias FUJI|||||||||||TA. The Japanese sound artist uses old wooden bellows and a specially developed keyboard to force air currents into the pipes. This results in a melancholic, spherical, very immediate, mantra-like sound aesthetic, in which the sounds of operation are also organically incorporated. “FUJI|||||||||||TA has been on our list for some time as his performance seems very impressive and ghostly,” says Stefko. Here is an impression of it:

And to get you in the mood, we recommend the debut album “Iki”, which was released in 2020.

With Maya Shenfeld there will be another ambient highlight on November 10th, 2023. Born in Jerusalem, now based in Berlin, she develops a dreamy, floating, interstellar sound with electric guitar and electronics. A little more accessible in their harmonies, complex in the bung.

The evening will be rounded off and introduced by Bell’s Echo co-host Stefkovic vaninterest. Together with the video artist Gen.Pi, the artist Johanna Frederike Koenitz and the sound designer André Klar, he has developed a new performance with a local connection: It’s about the folding of the chimney in the south of Leipzig a few weeks ago. We have already filmed how Stefkovic works:

Tickets and raffle

Tickets for Bells Echo 2023 are available online TixForGigs.

Or you can take part in our raffle. You can win 3 x 1 tickets if you write an email to dance @ gladfroh.de with the subject “Bells Echo” by October 30th, 2023. The winners will then receive an email.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/41392/bells-echo-interim-2023

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