After a long time of waiting, Berlin has finally landed on Netflix, taking us back to the good times when we saw the first parts of “La Casa de Papel”. Today, we at movieBlog will talk about the most anticipated prequel/spin-off of the year, telling you that we really liked it. There are those who claimed that they wouldn't watch this new product because the mother series had bent too much to fanservice, there were those who couldn't wait to see it because they were so in love with the mother series that they didn't realize that it had bent to fanservice. fanservice and had taken inspiration from the “Marvel” scripts for the Avengers and those who, like me, are on both sides.

I had no expectations, I was just neutral. I knew very well that the only thing I liked about “La Casa de Papel” after the first two seasons was the ending which brought the series back to its peak, to the original beauty and the genius of the professor, but I knew at the same time that there they would have convinced with “Berlin”. The most feared and loved character of the series returned to the screens. It was what we wanted most, so much so that they proposed it to us for all the subsequent seasons in Flashback mode, precisely because they knew very well that continuing a series (which in principle was not intended to continue) without the most fascinating character would be difficult. So here we are, commenting on this spin-off/prequel about the most brilliant, compelling and fascinating character in the series.

Let's quickly talk about the plot. Berlin, as well as Andres de Fonollosa, known as the greatest thief in Europe, puts together a team of people he trusts to commit the heist that will put the continent in check: a robbery at the Chiez Vienot auction house in Paris of 44 Millions of dollars. With him Damian (Tristan Ulloa)Cameron (Begoña Vargas)Roi (Julio Peña Fernández)Bowling (Michelle Jenner) e Bruce (Joel Sanchez). Trying to capture them are two faces that La Casa de Papel fans know very well.

Berlin: the prequel we deserved

We will be very direct today. Without beating around the bush too much, let's say that Berlin is a good product based on the Heist Movies. We have everything, we can't help but give it to them, anyone who was skeptical (like the person writing this review) can't help but notice the suspense that is created. Yes, exactly the one we had in the first two parts of the main series when the professor told the plan, or rather the “study plan” (cit.) to the band we love most. Where the director alternated scenes in that large villa to study the heist, with flashforwards inside the Mint. Here we see the same technique.

Berlin with a persuasive voice, with his charming and at times megalomaniacal manner, tells his plan to the people in front of him while the direction alternates flashforwards inside the auction house. In front of him 4 boys, easily attributable to the original gang. It's impossible not to see Denver in Bruce, or Rio in Keila for the task at hand but also in Roi for his somatic and emotional traits. Not to mention the great character similarity between Cameron and Tokyo but above all physical similarity with Nairobi, as well as that between Damian and the Professor.

Alex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato, did they know how much fans loved the main series and what did they do? They simply presented us with those characters again, led this time by the biggest megalomaniac and narcissist in history (but who also has flaws) that we were all fond of. Even doing it well, without leading the viewer to look for too many comparisons with the parent series, differences or worse plot holes (which those who are careful will notice anyway). Well, Chapeu!

Berlin: hits and reports

This series is about a heist, the biggest heist ever made so far. 44 million dollars of jewels belonging to the greatest personalities in Europe. But this series is mostly about relationships. The objective is to introduce us to Berlin first and foremost, and thanks to these eight episodes we also understand why the Professor was reluctant to have relationships between “colleagues”. We actually understand a lot of things. We have already described Berlin as a megalomaniac and perfect narcissist, who as he escapes in a van first looks at how he looks with glasses but that's not all that describes him.

Berlin is, unfortunately, a man who loves madly, deeply, madly. Who would do anything for the person he loves. Who has a plan B in store to permanently conquer his lover. But he is also the one who does not become completely blind in the face of such great love. It's who manages to stay clear, a bit like the directorial choices for all eight episodes.

To those who say then “too much love but not enough action”, we reply that these episodes had the objective of telling the story of Berlin, already mentioned in the Flashbacks of the mother series; do we want to talk about the storyline with the son? Let's face it they watched the series for that!

“Berlin” therefore achieves, in our opinion, its objectives because it passes pleasantly, maintains the tension until the end, makes our hearts beat as if we were about to be discovered and delights us with contrasting music that fits the scenes perfectly. As if we were seeing an opera. Seeing then a very open ending (and above all not forced) we can therefore only expect more action in the next probable season which, we hope very much, will be realized. We may be biased, but Heist plots never bore us!

With this review of the most anticipated prequel of the year, we tell you to rush and catch it immediately on Netflix.


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