In recent weeks, Disney announced a change in the release dates of the franchise's three remaining sequels. Avatar of James Cameroncon Avatar 3 with a fixed launch for December 2025, Avatar 4 by December 2029, and Avatar 5 for December 2031. If it remains this way, the latest installment will be released 22 years after the original 2009 film.

Cameron filmed some parts of Avatar 3 y Avatar 4 simultaneously with Avatar: The Way of Waterto ensure the continuity of age and physical appearance between its characters (via Variety):

We made the capture [de movimiento] in 3 and live action photography in 3 as a production interspersed with [‘Avatar: The Way of Water’]and we even did part of movie 4 because all of our young characters are going to have a big time jump in the fourth movie.”

“We see them and then we leave for six years and come back,” he added about the time jump of “Avatar 4.” “And then the part where we come back is the part we haven't shot yet. So we'll start with that after the third one comes out.”.

The filmmaker still has to film everything else Avatar 4y Avatar 5 completely.

Cameron's original film was released in theaters in 2009, becoming a global phenomenon that led it to be crowned the highest-grossing film of all time in the global box office. A title that even 14 years later he continues to hold. The sequel, Avatar: The Way of Waterhit theaters in December 2022 and is currently the third highest-grossing film of all time globally.

The path of water It sets its plot more than a decade later than the events of the original film, and tells the story of Jake, Neytiri, and their family, enduring danger, deadly battles, and tragedy.

About the history of Avatar 3 Not much is known. Previously, the filmmaker revealed that he will feature a more antagonistic Na'vi race. Franchise producer Jon Landau told Empire Magazine earlier this year that the group is the Ash People, described as “an aggressive volcanic race” of Na'vi whose leader is Varang, played by Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter. I'm Chaplin (Game of Thrones).

The great advance [creativo] in [‘Avatar 3’] It will simply be more depth to the characters.” Cameron said. “We're seeing new cultures, new creatures, all the same things you'd expect from an 'Avatar' movie, but the whole idea of ​​this series of films is to live with these people and go on this epic journey with them. So I think it's not about “Let's show you the best [VFX] aquatic game ever made,” but you get deeper into the heart and soul of the characters. And there are some very interesting new characters that appear as well. This is a trip through time. It will take place in movie three, movie four, and movie five. There is an epic cycle in all of this”.

The only thing confirmed about Avatar 5 is that it will take the story for the first time to Earth. The information was released by Landau:

“We go to this to open people's eyes, open Neytiri's eyes, to what exists on Earth.”


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