I met the Clavin sisters (Jennifer and Jessica) when I discovered a small Californian music scene that gravitated around a kind of artistic-cultural experimentation center in Los Angeles called The Smell. At the time, thanks to the late Manu, I joined the girls' band, Mika Miko, and also in No AgeHEALTH, Abe Vigoda and many others from this DIY barn.

That was around the middle of the last decade, and after the end of Mika Miko in 2009 I lost contact with my friends (laughs), until a few years later the YouTube algorithm suggested a song called “Keep on keepin' on” while I probably listened to groups made up of girls and, man, it was love at first listen. Not the kind of passing passion, but that love that you know will become entangled in every cell of your body, so much so that today I'm here listening to the same song with the same attachment and writing about the band that composed it and the album on which it is respectively Bleached and Welcome to the worms.

But what does this have to do with Jessica and Jennifer, someone might ask me. Elementary, my dear imaginary friend: the aforementioned Bleached is nothing more than the then and still current musical incarnation of Clavin. AND Welcome to the wormsthe album, came out in 2016 and is their second.

If you don't know Mika Miko and only look at this facet of the sisters, you certainly know that the feel of this album – as well as the other two of them, one before and one after – is what is called pop-punk or whatever it is worth. , drinking from classical sources such as Ramones, Runnaways, Muffs, Donnas and the like; If you're unfamiliar with Bleached and just check out Mika Miko, think of something like 'the girls' adolescence is over, they slowed down, reduced the additives (laughs), learned to play/sing (more laughs) and started writing about life adult'. And in case you don't know both, here's Bleached!

No, Welcome to the worms It has not changed and will not change the direction of contemporary music or your life (probably, but it will…). But damn, who cares about all that when you have 10 simple, direct and absolutely impeccable songs in their four chords divided into just over half an hour? You know those days when you're feeling a little shitty and need a break to give you a boost and get you out of the shit? Press play on “Keep on keepin' on” and let this record flow.

Listen to the stalk!

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