The summer of 2023 brought together the premiere of two films that became the phenomenon of the year: Barbie of Greta Gerwig and Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. Movie buffs around the world dubbed the same day premiere of both films as the Barbenheimer. Far from causing division among the audience, the Barbenheimer urged the public to go to the theaters that weekend of July 21 to see both feature films, both the one starring Margot Robbiesuch as Cillian Murphy.

Barbie, produced by Robbie's LuckyChap Entertainment, focuses on the story of the world's best-known doll, who goes through a crisis that leads her to question her existence in the world, giving way to an inspiring and thought-provoking story. For its part, Oppenheimer is a period piece about the World War II scientist considered one of the fathers of the atomic bomb. Theoretical physicist, J. Robert Oppenheimer, led the research and development of the bomb that ended World War II.

On paper, both films couldn't be more different. Having in common that their directors made original films that invited people to become part of them. And the audience responded. From the memes, the TikToks, the double features, the clothing alluding to the occasion that the public dressed to attend the cinemas. After uncertain times due to the impact that COVID had on cinema, the Barbenheimer was exciting.

Barbie It became the highest-grossing film of 2023 – both in the United States and in the global box office – as well as the highest-grossing film for Warner Bros. (with $1,441 million), and Oppenheimer set a record as the highest-grossing biopic of all time (with $950 million global).

Now, a few months after the end of the theatrical run of both films, the protagonists of each of them, Margot Robbie y Cillian Murphythey bring the Barbenheimer into reality by sitting down for a one-on-one interview, organized by Actors On Actors de Variety.

In the interview, published today, Robbie and Murphy address several topics, including the Barbenheimer.

“I think it happened because both movies were good,” Murphy told Robbie of the audience response. “In fact, there was a great diversity of things in film that summer, and I think they connected in a way that you or I or the studios or anyone could ever have predicted.”

Robbie told Murphy that he had received a call from one of Oppenheimer's producers, Charles Roven – with whom Robbie worked on The Suicide Squad – asking him to change Barbie's release date to avoid being released on the same day as Nolan's latest:

“One of your producers, Chuck Roven, called me because we worked together on other projects,” Robbie said. “And he said, 'I think you should change your date.' And I said, 'We're not changing our date.' If you are afraid to face us, then you change your date.” And he says, “We're not going to change our date.” I just think it would be better for you to change it.' And I said: 'We're not going to change!'”

Robbie told Murphy that he always thought that Oppenheimer y Barbie They were “really a great couple” to be released on the same day, so he never wanted to modify the release:

“It's perfect double billing… Clearly the world agreed. Thank God,” Robbie added. “The fact that people were like, 'Oh, watch 'Oppenheimer' first, then 'Barbie.'” I was like, 'See? “People like everything.” People are weird… I think they were also very enthusiastic about the filmmakers. People were eager for Chris Nolan's next movie and Greta Gerwig's next movie. Getting them at the same time was exciting.”

The full conversation below:


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