If you have already had the opportunity to go to movie theaters to see the latest from director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Doctor Strange), the horror thriller The Black Phoneof Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures, you may have noticed that Blumhouse is on a long table with the premiere not only of the feature film, but also of a new logo, which appeared for the first time in the intro of the aforementioned film.

The motion logo, which you find at the end of the note, includes company characters, such as Michael Myers –whom we see at the beginning– standing next to a tree, so that later the camera movement takes us behind the window of a house –from which the tree can be seen–, inside that house are two characters from the saga The Purge.

The camera movement itself quickly travels through some corners of the house, where there are easter eggs, and nods to Blumhouse productions, both on film and on TV, so stay tuned and see how many of these you can find. Among those we can find, we see references to (in order of appearance):

  • Halloween, The Purge, The Gift, Happy Death Day, The Black Phone, Jessabelle, Insidious, Sinister, Whiplash, Oculus, Pooka de Into the Dark, Paranormal Activity y Get Out.

At the end of the quick tour of the house, we leave it and see that it forms the letter H for Blumhouse.

Jason Blumfounder of the production company, told the media (via Deadline):

“Our new logo is a fun tribute to our Blumhouse movies and TV series, and I’m curious to see if our fans can spot all the hidden symbols we’ve included. I’m delighted to have featured it with Scott Derrickson’s The Black Phone, for fans to see the new logo on the big screen.”

Karen Barragandirector of marketing for Blumhouse, adds:

“The original Blumhouse logo holds a special place for horror fans like myself, so we wanted to honor that legacy while creating something new. This new logo pays homage to the original version and incorporates many fun Easter Eggs from the Blumhouse movies and TV series of the last decade that we think fans will enjoy discovering. It was a fun collaboration with my friend Neil Kellerhouse and the all-star team at Elastic, who brought their own fandom and ingenuity to the job.”


Blumhouse is recognized as the production company specializing in genre films. Paranormal Activity It was the starter of the Blumhouse company.

The producer has become pioneer of a model of production of films with micro budget and high performance at the box office. Under this proposal, he launched sagas such as Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious, Sinister, Creep, Ouija, Unfriended, Happy Death Day.

In addition to other box office and critical successes such as Get Out y Us by Jordan Peele Whiplash by Damien Chazelle Upgrade y The Invisible Man de Leigh Whannell, The Gift, The Belko Experiment, Split, Glassthe trilogy Halloween by David Gordon Green Truth or Dare, BlacKkKlansman de Spike Lee, Cam, Ma, Freaky, The Huntand more recently, the anthology Welcome to the Blumhouse, Firestarter, Dashcam, The Black Phone, Vengeance, M3GANamong other.

The new logo for the Blumhouse intros, below:

Source: https://cine3.com/blumhouse-productions-revela-nuevo-motion-logo-en-funciones-de-the-black-phone/

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