singer and actress Brandywho we remember for his role in the sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summerwill return to horror movies this year with the horror thriller The Front Room of A24.

The studio revealed the first trailer for the project that leads the protagonist (Brandy) to confront her husband's evil and disturbing stepmother, reminding the audience that in-laws are to be feared.

You can find the preview at the end of this note.

The psychological horror project is co-directed by Max Eggers y Sam Eggersbrothers of Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Northman, The Lighthouse), marking the debut of both as feature film directors. Max co-wrote The Lighthousewhile Sam was a production assistant for The Witch.

Both adapted the script from the short story of the same name by Susan Hill.


“It tells the story of a young, recently pregnant couple who are forced to take in a sick stepmother who has been separated from the family for a long time.”

In addition to Brandy, Kathryn Hunter (The Tragedy of Macbeth), Andrew Burnap (Snow White), y Neal Huff (Spotlight) lead the main cast.

The Motion Picture Association (MPA), the body responsible for rating films in the US industry, gave The Front Room an R Rating for:

“Language, violent/disturbing content, brief sexuality, and nudity.”

A24 will premiere The Front Room in theaters on September 6, 2024.



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