A few weeks ago, Panthera Krause's new album was released on Kann Records – actually a clear case for our New In section. But this album is too special and needs its own review.

This is an attempt to put into words the music of “Aside The Aeons”, which envelops and captivates you from minute 1. On his second album – his debut was released in 2019 on Riotvan – Panthera Krause breaks away from his uplifting, embracing house sound.

But describing the new tracks on the album as ambient or new age is definitely not enough. Terms like “atmospheric” or “cinematic” spring to mind – in a non-pathetic way. Images of glowing asphalt appear in your mind's eye. In my film, I'm driving through a barren, hot landscape that looks like something out of an 80s movie. Light falls through the cracks in a blind and I'm dozing on the bed of some motel – the ceiling fan is running.

The associations that come rushing at you may also be due to the fact that Panthera Krause relies on an ultra-spherical sound and stripped-down instrumentation – and on synths from the 1980s or ones that sound very similar. An aerophone is also used, a type of electric wind instrument. Here and there, a few beats join the soundscape, like the simple pre-set of a drum computer.

Flat and choral sounds dominate the compositions, which flow beautifully into one another. But “Aside The Aeons” is just as full of good pop moments, even if that seems like a strange expression for the instrumental sound here. But listeners of the album will perhaps understand what is meant – for example when listening to the end of “A Descendant”.

On the hit-like “Six String Theorem”, which immediately sticks in your head, you can even hear real drums. And vocals and a guitar also enrich one or two pieces.

The sound aesthetic on this long player is very specific and you could almost call it a concept album. People who like dreamy and slightly cheesy 80s sounds will be very happy here. I already am. Absolutely positive surprise on Kann Records by Panthera Krause. And very commendable that this great piece of music is being released on vinyl.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/42587/panthera-krause-aside-the-aeons-kann-records

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