The first time I heard about the New Yorker Breanna Barbara was reading about the lizard man Tricky, more specifically about his album False idols, in which she was a backing vocalist. The story could end there, but the flat earth rotates, so…

At the end of last year I received an email with news from Fuzz Club (always her), and there was the name of Breanna and, to my complete surprise, of her new album then just released by the London label. And so, in one of the turns of the flat earth, we meet again. Or we meet, now officially.

Pus Nothin’ but time to play, and I was already high to the sound of “Diamond light”; I did a quick search on the girl, I discovered that she had her feet planted in the blues terrain, but that with this new work she expanded her horizon and her awareness towards psychedelia (more) and garage (less), and then the second album track, “Landslide,” when I stopped reading. I didn’t want to know anything else.

I let the record roll and realized that she really dove into the lysergic highs, but that she also remains faithful to her blues roots, which sprout strongly from the ground especially at the end of Nothin’ but time, and this is by no means a criticism. The girl simply condensed her two great references and thus shows herself full releasing her voice at the same time powerful (“Me too”) and delicate (“Devil”). If you can give a message, pay attention to Breanna Barbara.

Listen loud!


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