After the huge success of the first season, Bridgerton returns to Netflix with a new chapter dedicated to Lord Anthony Bridgerton. The second season of the series consists of 8 episodes and is available on Netflix. Find out with us everything about Bridgerton 2.

Bridgerton 2 Plot: A wife for Anthony Bridgerton

After the first chapter of the series dedicated to Daphne, Bridgerton 2 sees as the protagonist Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) required to locate the perfect wife. The choice falls on Edwina (Charithra Chandran)the young woman chosen as the queen’s flagship diamond but Anthony will have to deal with her sister, Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), protective of Edwina and reluctant to their union. Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown, whose identity was revealed at the end of the first season, continues to tell the turbulent events of high society but Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) he will try, in every way, to discover his true identity.

Bridgerton 2: a new record achieved

If anyone believed that with the absence of the beloved Duke of Hastings, played by Regè Jean Page, the second season of the series might not catch the eye, he had to change his mind immediately. Since its debut, Bridgerton 2 has recorded incredible numbers and the highly acclaimed success of the second chapter managed to attract more and more people who started from the first season because they were not yet familiar with the series. Bridgerton has become the most viewed English series on Netflix’s platform.

Bridgerton 2 review: did your new love steal your heart too?

As we all know, Bridgerton’s first season caught everyone’s attention for the passionate story between Daphne and Simon but the second one far exceeds expectations. The new chapter does not offer the same love story but is proposed as a surprising content that touches different themes and the new love story is full of obstacles, unexpected events and struggles to wear itself out, making the wait almost more beautiful than the happy ending.

In the second season of Bridgerton we find Duke Anthony ready to take a wife and take on all the responsibilities that the weight of his surname entails but the man still appears tormented by the loss of his father who will reveal his more sensitive side. None of the high society seems to attract him to the point of asking her as a wife but the situation changes with the arrival from India of young Edwina and her sister Kate. Anthony decides to woo Edwina because apparently right for him but, although she is inclined to marry the Viscount, Edwina suffers from her sister Kate’s distrust of Anthony, thus pushing them to spend more time together to get to know each other.

As Edwina wished, we witness a slow and gradual approach of Anthony to Kate but intense love is born between them also as a sort of desire, all too strong, leading Kate to change her mind about the Viscount and, at the same time, having to stay away from him for the sake of her sister but from a feeling, so strong, we all know that you can’t escape.

The love between Kate and Lord Anthony is so engaging that we almost forget about the Daphne and Simon chapter and, although it is characterized by complications and late steps, their relationship also manages to be crowned in a marriage and not to disappoint our expectations.

A poignant expectation, an almost uncontrollable desire, a deep passion, emotions transmitted simply by their looks .. this and much more the couple Anthony and Kate, the surprising revelation of Bridgerton 2.

Lady Whistledown: Is her identity in danger?

Although too involved in the love story between Anthony and Kate, we certainly haven’t forgotten that Lady Whistledown è Penelope Featherington, whose family this season tries to recover financially with the arrival of the family cousin Jack, a parenthesis that arouses some interest.

Recensione Bridgerton 2 Penelope Eloise

With the end of the second chapter of the series, the identity of the lady, who worries high society so much with her gossip, is at risk due to the intuition of Eloise who has been investigating throughout the season with the help of Theo Sharpe , a young man who works at the printing house where Penelope, or rather Lady Whistledown, turned. Eloise seemed not to realize that the truth was right next to her, her best friend of hers and yet she manages to understand it by starting to listen to her friend from another point of view. The series leaves the question of how Eloise will deal with the revelation in the future as we have witnessed the fight and the usual words of anger but .. what if things change? Could Eloise somehow exploit this or will she just unmask her friend? We are very curious to find out.

The other characters of Bridgerton 2

As we knew, every season of Bridgerton is dedicated to a member of the family and this second chapter was intended for Anthony. The other brothers also appear, treated carefully but not overbearingly in the plot. If on the one hand we have Eloise who has to make her debut in society but is more interested in the identity of Lady Whistledown, on the other hand we witness the return of Daphne who, without his Duke but with his son, supports his brother Anthony in deciding what should be the most important step in his life. in the meantime Benedict is intent on cultivating his passion for art but does not know that behind his admission to the academy lies the help of the Viscount while Colinback from his tour, he always shows himself to be a friend of Penelope, anchored in the past but does not seem to offer hope to his friend.

What do we know about Bridgerton’s third season?

Now that we’ve all finished watching Bridgerton’s second season, the desire to know the details of the third season is rampant. There are many theories and questions on the world of social media. We know that, in line with the novels, Bridgerton 3 should be dedicated to Benedict, the artist of the family. Also, unlike the couple Daphne and Simon of which we only saw Daphne backing her brother in Bridgerton 2, it seems that Anthony and Kate’s presence is confirmed in the Bridgerton family and we can’t wait to see the evolution of their relationship. We leave you with words that, after seeing Bridgerton 2, we cannot forget:

You are the ruin of my existence and the object of my every desire, night and day I dream of you. ”

And did you like Bridgerton’s second chapter? We look forward to Bridgerton 3.


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