A quartet formed in Washington around 2012, BRNDA was initially called Brenda, but due to a group of the same name they removed the letter 'E' from their name, which changed absolutely nothing about their music or the way they are still known.

Since then, they have released an EP and three albums, and it is the last of them that is now playing on our virtual record player. Ladies and gentlemen, do you like salt?

Do you like salt? came out during the pandemic, in August 2021, and its ten tracks divided into just over 20 minutes fly by as quickly as they say: 'how many wonderful influences can fit on one album?'.

Devo, Television, Sonic Youth, Breeders, B-52's, all of this and a lot of good things (as well as a deliciously acidic humor) are diluted and mixed into BRNDA's musical formula. On an imaginary PCP shelf – and to use current references – they would be alongside people like Dry Cleaning, Wet Leg and Sweeping Promisses.

Press play and listen straight away!

No spotifuck

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2024/02/07/brnda-do-you-like-salt-2021/

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