Andy Pastalaniec is something of a ‘young veteran’ of San Francisco’s bustling Bay Area, performing in a variety of local groups – including local favorites seablitewhere he plays the drums – but always nurturing the desire to have his own project, where he could vent his musical references.

In 2017 the guy got a 4-channel recorder and there the idea started to take shape; Andy went on to study electronic drum programming and production tricks, put on records by the Byrds, Biff Bang Pow!, Television Personalities, Jasmine Minks and everyone at C-86 to roll, picked up his 12-string guitar and started writing his songs. With the arrival of the pandemic and isolation, he had time to tie up the loose ends of his songs until, in November 2021, Slumberland Records released the first and eponymous album by the band from Pastalaniec, both baptized Chime School.

If you get the work of Slumberland, are a fan of groups from Sarah Records and Creation, love Byrds and the others mentioned in the paragraph above and just in case haven’t listened to this album, do yourself a favor right now and press play on “Wait your turn”, the opening track Chime school, and before you know it you’ll be completely hooked on it and the other nine songs that make up the package. Irresistible Jangle pop brought to the 21st century by a diligent student who was able to assimilate the lessons taught by the jangly masters like few others – and it is worth mentioning Umbrellas, who are coming soon.

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