It was recently announced 28 Years Latera long-awaited sequel to 28 Days Laterwith the return of Danny Boyle y Alex Garlanddirector and screenwriter respectively of the zombie horror hit.

And it's not just a sequel. It is expected that 28 Years Later be the starting engine of a new trilogy. The plan is for Garland to write the script for the new trilogy, with Boyle directing the first installment.. Both will produce alongside the original's producer, Andrew Macdonald, and Peter Rice. The “package” was acquired by Sony Picturesafter an important bid with other Hollywood studios.

In recent days it was also announced that Cillian Murphy, star of the original film, is back in his role as executive producer, and possibly with an acting role in the projectalthough it was previously commented that these details “are currently in quarantine.”

In the original movie, 28 Days Later (2022) Murphy (the actor of the moment thanks to his performance in Oppenheimer) plays Jim, a man who wakes up from a coma after a cycling accident, to discover that England is now a desolate, post-apocalyptic meltdown, thanks to a virus that turned its victims into raging killers. Jim then meets a survivor played by Naomie Harris, and a military maniac, played by Christopher Eccleston.

Is there then the possibility of having the return of Jim (Murphy) in 28 Years Later? Murphy tells Variety:

I can't reveal much more at this time. But I have always said that I would love to participate because that film changed everything for me and I have great affection for it and for those Alex boys [Garland] y Danny [Boyle]. I never watch my own movies except that one. They always play it around Halloween and during the pandemic people were constantly sending me clips. And I have shown it to my children. And he really stuck to his guns, even though he's about 23 now. So I'm very excited that we're getting the band back together to do this.”

About seeing himself on screen in his breakout performance, Murphy explains:

“I wasn't as hypercritical as I expected. I've gotten better at that because I was an executive producer on the last three seasons of “Peaky,” so I was very involved in all of that, the cutting and editing, and then the production of “Small Things.” So you have to get over yourself and look at it in a very objective and clinical way, just looking for story beats. This has been very educational for me recently and I have enjoyed it.”

In addition to becoming a commercial hit, the original film injected new life into the zombie subgenre, presenting a new form of undead, moving away from those slow walkers, now being ferocious and fast. He also analyzed the fragile nature of society in these pandemic scenarios, which would later be analyzed in other films such as Zombieland, World War Zand the series The Walking Deadamong others.

In 2007, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directed the sequel 28 Weeks Later, starring Jeremy Renner: “Six months after the rage virus inflicts the population of Britain, the American military helps secure a small area of ​​London for survivors to repopulate and start anew. But not everything goes as planned.”

The idea of ​​a new installment has been in the plans of those involved for many years. At some point, it would be titled 28 Months Later.


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